It is Sunday.  The sun just decided to come out.  Hooray!  Better late than not at all.

The house is bathed with aromas of fresh baked cinnamon buns.  Sometimes they can chase away the shadows of a cloudy rainy day.  Sheba is barking up a storm.  She gets to go outside.  It’s wonderful to enjoy the aroma and sunshine in the quiet.  Life does not need to be complicated or hard.

I sit in joy of this moment, breathing in the aroma of my baking, taking pride of my creativity and steadfastness.  Life is good.



Saturday.  The laundry is washed, dried, folded and put away.  My bread is in the oven.  Sheba is underfoot, of course.  I send her out with a bone.  She is happy.  Life does not need to be hard.


That is what I am learning today.  Life does not have to be hard.  You put one foot in front of the other.  You take a step.  You reach out, if you can, and touch someone.  You breathe in and out.  You stay and live in this moment because that is all that is open to you.  And it is good….living in the moment.





I have to confess that I am having a difficult time with everything lately.  Perhaps it is because I am right on the cusp of RETIREMENT.  My life is going to change.  The word CHANGE is enough to scare the beejees out of anyone.  Maybe I need to change the way I talk to myself….the things I tell myself, the words I use.

Then, there is the weather.  I am sure that I can feel every drop in the atmospheric pressure.  I feel every shadow of each cloud as they pass over the sun.  It is no fun to feel your heart in your mouth.  I think I would prefer my foot.  Well, I can still joke.  That is something.

So this guy suggest that I surround myself with white light.  Then I could enjoy whatever energy is around.  That is a lovely thought…to enjoy whatever there is.  It is what I try to do when I embrace heavenly chi.  I hold this protective shield around me.  Seeing it in my mind’s eye makes me feel better already.  Letting the words fall from my fingers eases the fear.  Sometimes I drop out and nap like Sheba if I can. Escapism is not a bad thing.


Vulnerability is not a bad thing either.  How else can God know what you need if you don’t tell?  I know he is all knowing and all that, but he is a busy fellow.  He has a large flock.  Sometimes all he needs is a whisper.  Other times you have to scream.  OVER HERE, GOD!

Screaming definitely makes me feel better, even if it is only in print.  It releases my stagnant chi.  My chest is relaxed and I can breathe.  Maybe now I can find that notice to renew my license plate.  It is due tomorrow.  I will find it.  I am not behind.  I have time.  Sit, stay and dine.  Everything is copacetic.




So what do you do when you are as restless as a bunch of puppies?  You do this.  You do that.  You are about as successful as they are trying to get on a too high a deck.  You get nowhere except more restless.

So I talk to myself.  Settle.  STAY.  I pour myself a glass of wine.  I sit before my keyboard.  I tap and tap.  Relief is near.  Order comes.  Have you ever felt this way?  I know that I can’t be the only one.  What do you do when you feel like this?

I know that this is not the time to balance my bank account or pay the bills.  This is not the time to look for objects misplaced or lost.  It would only make things worse.  Talking about it with other people seldom works because they cannot feel what you feel.  Maybe that is why tapping out the words helps me.  It gives me validation.  And the tapping of the keyboard is rhythmic.

Physical comfort helps.  The AC is on.  I like to blame everything on the weather.  I am sure the barometric pressure affects us.  I am not going to take all the blame myself.  I have to be kind to me, for who else knows what I need?  Above all, I need my own special kind of humour to weather life’s slings and arrows.  If I don’t have that armor, I could be seriously wounded.

I’m missing my guy.  He’s out somewhere on some lake in his sailboat doing a man’s thing with a couple of other guys.  Sheba is missing him, too.  We will go out for a long walk to soothe our restlessness.  With luck and phone reception, we might hear from him.



I was awake this morning before dawn.  Some of you must know of these early awakenings.  I tried and tried to fall back to sleep but cannot.  So I tried to stay and be content.  But I cannot.

So I rose, made myself a cup of tea and watched the first amber glow of the day in the sunroom.  I made peace with my feelings.  I made friends with my ghosts.  We drank tea together.  I sat and stayed.  I breathed.

The morning came.  I did my 18 heavenly moves.  I surrounded myself with divine chi.  I felt its warmth protecting me.  Calmness came amid my mind’s chaos.

There is power in movement, in the doing, first one limb, then another.  The cobwebs and ghosts leave with the sunlight.  First one, then another, to have tea or maybe lunch at Somewhere Else.  They will probably come back another day.  I will let them come.  I will set the table.  I will use my fine china and we will honour each other. Namaste!




Order is in the order for me today.  I rise, stretch and do my 18 heavenly qigong moves to the sunrise.  It is so fresh and still in the early morning.  I have to thank Sheba for rousing me out of bed.  She is quite insistent.  Get up!  Feed me!

And so I did.  And so starts another day.  I breathed and moved in the light of the rising sun.  I felt my breath slowing down, saw the robin on the fence and heard the stillness of the universe.  My breath deepened and my heart stopped its fluttering, my eyelids dropped.

All is copacetic.  I am relaxed and in the flow.  I feel the order within me.  I am not behind.  I have time…to put one foot in front of the other, to do one thing at a time, to walk and not run.  I have time to breathe, to stay here now, at this time, to be with me.

I am taking miniscule steps towards order, finding places for things, finding pleasure in the doing, finding kindness for myself.  And I am grateful.




The skies are grey this morning but at least the air is not as heavy.  Funny how heavy the grey can sit on your shoulders, pressing you down. Funny how old feelings can come washing back over you and then you realize how important it is to be in the now of time and to live and create new feelings in the present moment.

I did my qigong routine from memory, all the 18 movements.  Practice did make perfect in this incident.  I breathed in and out, visualizing the sunrise, feeling the calm and the beginning of a new day…pushing out the chaos of my mind.  And the sun came, uncertainly at first, darting in and out of the clouds.  I raised my arms, embracing heavenly chi.  It formed a protective shield around me.  And I knew that all is copacetic.

Breakfast is done.  The dishes put away.  The day and life begins again, however where or how I am.  I do not want to wait for all my ducks to be in a row.  That day may never come or if it does, it will not stay.  I have time and I am not behind but I do not choose to wait.  There is no pleasure in the contemplation of perfection but it is satisfying to move, to do and make progress, even if it is only an inch.


I am pretending I am the new FlyLady, buzzing around with my purple duster, putting things in order, not obsessing, just doing.  I am surprised to feel joy in the doing, in the folding, in the putting away…..There is comfort in the cleaning and drying, in the smoothing and folding and putting things away.  It is almost like finding the heart in myself again.



The sweat is running down my face.  I’m sitting on deck stairs, catching the gentle afternoon breeze.  I can hear Sheba panting on the deck.  I lean against the side railing, closing my eyes.  I can hear the whoosh of the traffic, the drone of  a lawn mower.

The bread is done.  The loaves are cooling on the rack.  Sheba’s life jacket and her mats are washed in soap and water, rinsed and drying in the sun.  Amazing how much her things can stink up the car.  Amazing what a little soap and water can do.

We went out to Elbow Sunday for our first sail of the year.  The mast went up and we got the boat in the water.  But that was as far as we got.  For one reason or another, the sail wouldn’t go up.  So we gave up on thoughts of sailing that day.  We ate our lunch on the beach.  Sheba sat in the wet sand, dressed in her life jacket and nowhere to sail.

After lunch we got help and took the mast down, loaded the boat and got it out of the water.  After an hour or so of packing and loading up, we headed home.  And after another hour or so we got home.  You might say we had a day of nothing or just frustrations.  But I just said:  That’s life.

I’m sitting in the kitchen now, tap, tapping away, keeping my heebe jeebies at bay.  Sweat is dripping down the sides of my face.  I wonder if other people get them.  I suppose everyone has their own demons or else they are lying.


The AC is now on.  Its coolness is soothing.  The sweat recedes along with the ghosts.  I sigh one big sigh, feeling stronger, dreaming sweet dreams of sailing.



It’s not even 7 am yet.  The sun is out and it is already hot and humid.  I have already been awake since 4:30.  Too early to get out of bed.  Sheba is stretched out on the cool wooden floor at the foot of the bed.  She is stretching her boundaries.

At 6:00 I decided it was a waste of time staying in bed.  It would have been fine had I been content.  But I was not.  Such is life now and again.  Everything changes and this, too, shall pass.  So for now, I will stay and embrace it.  I can still tap out my words and feelings.  Perhaps I can free myself.

I padded out to the kitchen.  I hear Sheba retching and soon out came her breakfast, eaten in too big of a haste.  What a mess!   But she is lapping it all up again.  I turn my back and let her do her thing.  Sometimes you just have to.  Life can get like that.  I wipe the floor with damp paper towels.

I am tapping out my words on the deck.  The birds are chirping.  A crow cawed.  Sheba is at my feet listening.  The words are coming from my   fingertips.  What a blessing!  What a relief!  I can still make life work.  I try not to think too much.  I just try to move.

Yesterday we went for a long bike ride.  I pedaled with my heart in my mouth.  I pedaled with heart and metal.  I pedaled with success.  We celebrated with coffee at the Broadway Roastery.


There was not enough tables with umbrellas.  We would sizzle under the hot sun.  So we moved Rod’s cargo bike under the shade of the trees and used it as a bench.  It was a lovely way of enjoying our coffee and watching the people come and go.  But I do think he need to add some pop up trays for our coffee.

So you can see that even not so great days are in reality great days.  It is in our minds and hearts to decide what they can be.  I try my best and that is all that I can do.  It is enough.