THE MOON AND ME – AugustMoon Day 8

AugustMoon Day 8 photo prompt
AugustMoon Day 8 photo prompt

I sat outside and told my secrets to the moon.  She listened with full attention, nodding and smiling.  I talked and talked, not stopping for a breath.  At long last I fell silent, empty of secrets.  I realized then the moon had not said a word. Silence was her reply.

How wise she was!  Had she any advice to give, would I have heeded?  So burdened and distraught I was, I would not have or wanted to listen to another. I would have argued and argued.  I would have fought.

Her silence allowed me room to vent, to air my secrets and dissipate the distress they brought with them.  I felt spent but relieved.  I looked up and smiled.  The moon smiled back. I was looking at my own reflection – Sister Moon.



I have to confess that I am having a difficult time with everything lately.  Perhaps it is because I am right on the cusp of RETIREMENT.  My life is going to change.  The word CHANGE is enough to scare the beejees out of anyone.  Maybe I need to change the way I talk to myself….the things I tell myself, the words I use.

Then, there is the weather.  I am sure that I can feel every drop in the atmospheric pressure.  I feel every shadow of each cloud as they pass over the sun.  It is no fun to feel your heart in your mouth.  I think I would prefer my foot.  Well, I can still joke.  That is something.

So this guy suggest that I surround myself with white light.  Then I could enjoy whatever energy is around.  That is a lovely thought…to enjoy whatever there is.  It is what I try to do when I embrace heavenly chi.  I hold this protective shield around me.  Seeing it in my mind’s eye makes me feel better already.  Letting the words fall from my fingers eases the fear.  Sometimes I drop out and nap like Sheba if I can. Escapism is not a bad thing.


Vulnerability is not a bad thing either.  How else can God know what you need if you don’t tell?  I know he is all knowing and all that, but he is a busy fellow.  He has a large flock.  Sometimes all he needs is a whisper.  Other times you have to scream.  OVER HERE, GOD!

Screaming definitely makes me feel better, even if it is only in print.  It releases my stagnant chi.  My chest is relaxed and I can breathe.  Maybe now I can find that notice to renew my license plate.  It is due tomorrow.  I will find it.  I am not behind.  I have time.  Sit, stay and dine.  Everything is copacetic.