IMG_2952When grey paints the sky and the dry winds blow, my energy and spirit sag.  I’m like limp noodle, dragging and sighing through the day.  I’m grateful to have friends like a second cup of tea and my Roomba to help me through those times.  A second cup gives me a little extra time and space to breathe and find my start button.  Some days are like that and I do the best I can.  I know there is no hurry, no rush.  Life starts right here in the moment.  There is no other place to go to and nothing else to do.


IMG_2213The start button is pushed.  I can hear the Roomba whirling around in the kitchen, picking up bread crumbs, dog hair and what-alls. Robots are wonderful. They never sag if you keep them charged.  They are not perfect, however, and they can fail. Hopefully those are the times I am charged and can take over.

The skies are greyer and raindrops are falling.  I hope it pours.  The earth is thirsty.  So am I.  A third cup of tea is needed.


Sundays can be good for relaxing and letting go.  Today is one of those days.  Life and the snow are melting around me – in January.  I’m still unravelling.  Soon I will come to the end of the spool.  I wonder if I will bounce back and up like a yoyo.

I’m at this part of Susannah Conway’s Unravelling the Year Ahead:

Fast-forward to December 2015. You are sitting in a café, musing over the last 12 months. Where do you want to be…

IMG_0067… in your head? (work, dreams, goals)

… in your heart? (relationships, family, friends)

… in your physical world? (home, health, hobbies)

… in your soul? (beliefs, practices, self-love)

These are hard questions. I love the thought of sitting in a cafe with a hot cup of Chai – in silence and solitude.  Do I know myself to answer these questions?  It’s worth the time.  I owe it to myself to take time getting to know me.

Getting to know you
Getting to know all about you
Getting to like you
Getting to hope you like me

Getting to know you
Putting it my way
But nicely
You are precisely
My cup of tea

The King And I – Getting To Know You Lyrics | MetroLyrics

So I’m off to get acquainted.  Till next time, ta ta for now.



I was awake this morning before dawn.  Some of you must know of these early awakenings.  I tried and tried to fall back to sleep but cannot.  So I tried to stay and be content.  But I cannot.

So I rose, made myself a cup of tea and watched the first amber glow of the day in the sunroom.  I made peace with my feelings.  I made friends with my ghosts.  We drank tea together.  I sat and stayed.  I breathed.

The morning came.  I did my 18 heavenly moves.  I surrounded myself with divine chi.  I felt its warmth protecting me.  Calmness came amid my mind’s chaos.

There is power in movement, in the doing, first one limb, then another.  The cobwebs and ghosts leave with the sunlight.  First one, then another, to have tea or maybe lunch at Somewhere Else.  They will probably come back another day.  I will let them come.  I will set the table.  I will use my fine china and we will honour each other. Namaste!