Cruise DinnerThere’s reasons why I don’t make New Year’s resolutions any more.  I’ve felt the allure of new beginnings and a new year. It’s easy to be pumped with the spirits of the Christmas and end of year celebrations.  I feel I could conquer the world but experience has taught me a thing or two.

It’s easy to make resolutions, those promises to do better in the glow of the holiday season. But come the cold dark days of January, your resolve melts, exhaustion and sometimes depression take over.  You have to rally all your resources just to get out of bed on some days. What I don’t need is the pressure of those New Year’s Resolutions looming over me.

IMG_4400What I do is I still get up, dress up and show up for my life.  I try to do the best I can.  On cloudy days when I am filled with anxiety, I do slow laps in the warm water of the pool.  I concentrate on my breathing, blowing bubbles out my nose and mouth as slow as I can.  I keep my body in alignment.  I don’t try for 2 more laps when my legs are heavy like lead and I am sinking.  It’s okay to sit in the whirlpool and let the jets smash away my tight spots.

Brenda's Birthday 003On days like these, it’s helpful to have a therapist smash your tight spots that the whirlpool jets can’t get at.  Good friends are equally if not more beneficial.  They can reach those tight spots unreachable by jets or therapists.  There’s nothing like girlfriends except maybe your mother’s chicken soup to make you feel valued and loved.  Treasure your mother and girlfriends.  They will always be there for you if they can and even when they can’t.