Sometimes magic happens when you just start – anything. And contrary to popular belief, don’t look at the whole picture. When I do, I’m often overwhelmed with the impossibility of it and I don’t start. I was pushed forward by the fact that every time I look out my sunroom, my view was obscured by dusty windows. I felt disgusted and shameful. I thought I could wash some if not all of them. I ended washing all but 3. Motivated I did the bedroom and bathroom windows the next day. The following day after that, I did the kitchen ones. Each time I marvelled that I can see and smell clean and it felt wonderful.

Now I have just the livingroom left and all the windows in the basement. There’s LOTS of windows down there. That’s why it’s best not to think of the big picture. But it did lead me to think about my mother and her house. My 90 year old parents are still living on their own. We help with the grocery shopping, the lawn and snow shovelling in winter. She didn’t want help with the house. Seeing how much hard it was for myself, I asked her if she needed help with washing the windows and the dusting. Oh, I washed all the windows already, she told me. I do one a day. It takes me a couple of months but they’re done. I use a stick with a cloth to dust those hard to reach things so I’m good.

I’ve always admired my mother but now even more. She has always been my source of inspiration. While I’m still on this motivation high, I tackled putting all the garden stuff away in the garage today. I tried to do it properly by finding a place for everything. It’s a bit of a job but I made a start. It’s been a long time since I worked in the garage. 9 years exactly, the number of years since I’ve retired. I cleared a few shelves of dust, dirt and cobwebs for my plant trays. A few pots were broken that got accidentally knocked down. I pulled out totes to see what they held. I found 2 of Sheba’s beds in one. Even though they had been washed before being stored, they stank. I was ready to let them go now. She has been gone for 2½ years. It is time.

I’m feeling surprised by my get up and go. I have been so languid for so long. I felt as if I have just woke from a deep slumber. I think it is my 90 year old mother jolting me awake. If she can still keep her house spic and span, I could at least try for just spic to start. Being able to still keep her house clean gives her so much pleasure along with walking in her garden and seeing her flowers. I can learn alot from her. I have a long way to go and lots to do. I am ready.


It’s day 12 of the November Ultimate Blog Challenge. 12 days is actually a very short time but when you are counting, it feels like forever. I’m still up for the game. There’s only 18 days left. How hard can that be? When you’re having fun, time and words flow. If you’ve visited me before, you would know I have a regular jukebox in my head. It hasn’t played for quite awhile until today. When lifeI get too fast, the music stops. I’ve been slowing down this month, taking more time to languish and enjoy the coffee. My jukebox started up again today.

This morning Don McLean is singing in my head.

So, bye-bye, Miss American Pie
Drove my Chevy to the levee, but the levee was dry
And them good ol’ boys were drinkin’ whiskey and rye
Singin’, “This’ll be the day that I die
This’ll be the day that I die”

I have no control over what plays. It’s not like there’s a slot I can plug my quarter into. But whatever plays have been quite helpful and inspiring for my index card art.

I hope the music never dies.

PLAY AND INSPIRATION – Day 49 and 50 in a year of…

Day 49 and 50, August 10, 2016 @7:40 pm

It’s that witching hour again where I have to come up with a few words for two days.  Egad! It’s tough enough to come up with a few pearls of wisdoms period.  Well, let me wave my broom and see what I can come up with.

img_7600Yesterday’s idea was to have more fun.  Sheba totally agrees.  She’s squeaking her purple ball right at my side. You have to be careful for what you ask for.  You might get it and then you are sorry.  Yup, she is barking.  Let’s play! Play can be hard work.  Maybe it’s because I’m not good at it.  I need to play more so that it is not so foreign.  That’s what takes up energy – the unease, the not at home with play.

Today I am still rolling with the idea of play, of not working at goals, at anything.  I couldn’t work at anything if I try anyways.  I am too tired – from exercising and having fun yesterday.  It was good just to be a spectator of the day at Saskatoon’s Highland Games. I would have enjoyed it more if it wasn’t such a cool day.  Still it was good to brave the outdoors and something new.  I came away inspired by the men who loved their sport.  What they taught me was that we could do spectacular things if we love what we do.  I am happy that I am an inspiration seeker.  I was not seeking today.  It came to me on the music of bagpipes.

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Doldrums are painful. They seep into you unawares and rob you of joie de vivre. They’re like vampires sucking the very juice of you, leaving behind a wet dishcloth, a soggy noodle, Linus without his blanket or a Snoopy on top of his doghouse. I DON’T like doldrums but what to do?  Snoopy has the right idea. When in doubt and all else fails, sleep it off.  Maybe I can dream up some solutions.  Maybe I can borrow Linus’ blanket.  Why don’t I make a list.

I wonder if this is what they call brainstorming.  Can I be a team of one?  It’s working at easing my doldrums.  I’m coming alive – without the doghouse and the blanket.  Oh, happy day! pops into my head.  Singing seems to help even if it’s in my head.  I can hear and see Whoopi Goldberg and the kids whooping it up in Sister Act.  Oh happy day!

IMG_4143I’m well out of the wet noodle phase now.  Apparently doing something, anything can disturb the doldrum mindset.  I’m not a list maker but it’s another thing I can do to shake things loose.  I can learn to take an inventory of the things I need/like/want to do for future episodes.  Might as well be practical, productive, imaginative and have fun at the same time.  Oh, happy day it is when I can get inspired!





IMG_6628The sky was overcast, the morning air sweet with the smell of rain. The birds sang in full chorus.  Bring it on!

I have a little gas in my tank and I am ready to tackle the day.  No more procrastination, at least for today.  I am fuelled by my recent successes.

  • I called the city about the poor condition of the back alley and they showed up on Mothers Day to grade it!
  • I made an appointment and got a date to have my car’s rusted tailgate repainted.
  • Yesterday, the roofer showed up to fix a faulty flashing on the garage roof without a reminder.  YAY!  I love businesses who live up to their reputation.

IMG_0723I am pumped and ready to go.  So I might as well strike while the iron is hot.  Is that how the saying goes?  Even though I can’t move a mountain physically, I can metaphorically, in small loads.

IMG_0732Sheba supervised from afar, making sure that I don’t screwed up.  I got 4 loads before the rain came.  Good thing the roofer came yesterday!

So you’re probably wondering where and why I am moving my mountain.  It is for creating little gardens of eden – 4 of them this year.  Hopefully we will harvest aplenty in the fall.  We won’t be able to feed the world but it’s a start….in a good direction.