PLAY AND INSPIRATION – Day 49 and 50 in a year of…

Day 49 and 50, August 10, 2016 @7:40 pm

It’s that witching hour again where I have to come up with a few words for two days.  Egad! It’s tough enough to come up with a few pearls of wisdoms period.  Well, let me wave my broom and see what I can come up with.

img_7600Yesterday’s idea was to have more fun.  Sheba totally agrees.  She’s squeaking her purple ball right at my side. You have to be careful for what you ask for.  You might get it and then you are sorry.  Yup, she is barking.  Let’s play! Play can be hard work.  Maybe it’s because I’m not good at it.  I need to play more so that it is not so foreign.  That’s what takes up energy – the unease, the not at home with play.

Today I am still rolling with the idea of play, of not working at goals, at anything.  I couldn’t work at anything if I try anyways.  I am too tired – from exercising and having fun yesterday.  It was good just to be a spectator of the day at Saskatoon’s Highland Games. I would have enjoyed it more if it wasn’t such a cool day.  Still it was good to brave the outdoors and something new.  I came away inspired by the men who loved their sport.  What they taught me was that we could do spectacular things if we love what we do.  I am happy that I am an inspiration seeker.  I was not seeking today.  It came to me on the music of bagpipes.

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IMG_0767It has been raining cats and dogs for most of the day and none of us have been energetic or productive. I got my wish for sitting and drinking tea all day.  Oh yes, I IMG_0769did spend time with my Jesus.  So soothing it was, crossing each stitch, one by one.  What was that saying – A stitch in time saves nine? I am not sure if time was saved or wasted.  But here we are in the eve of the day, sipping wine.  I am tap, tapping out my words.  Nothing profound, of course.  I am a bit out of love for the seriousness of life today.  Maybe it is the rain.  Maybe it is because I am just tired of being so serious and profound.  Let’s just forget about goals and striving.  Lets stop about setting up steps and pushing forward.  Let’s stop time and just play.  What do you say?



“I’m on the top of the world lookin’ down on creation
And the only explanation I can find
Is the love that I’ve found ever since you’ve been around
Your love’s put me at the top of the world”

Funny how photos trigger words and snatches of songs in my mind.  That’s how I’m feeling looking at this picture of Sheba – on top of the world.  The Carpenters got it perfectly.  Sheba exemplifies perfect love.

No matter how long or short I’ve been gone, she is always exuberantly happy to see me on my return.  She is never cross with me, except when I try to trim her nails, clean her ears or brush her undercarriage.  But she forgets when it is over and never holds a grudge.  With love like that, how can I not be on top of the world?

IMG_0485So what if I’m greeted by snow and grey skies first thing this morning?  They will pass as all things do.  So I am not feeling quite perky and ready to conquer the world but this, too shall pass.  In the meantime, it makes a good excuse to cuddle up with my tea and book and just enjoy the slowness.  Wars and battles can wait for another day.  For today, I am happy sitting on top of my world watching Sheba IMG_0479play.



I remember a time when we were strangers in the night.

The night was dark but the moon and stars were bright.  They lit up the sky and the world for us.  We took the challenge and followed the path.  We rediscovered who we were and are to each other.

It felt strange.  There was no choice.  Our script was already written.  We had to play our parts.  We did not forget the past and the other players.  They added challenge, richness and texture to our lives.

The play is still on for it’s a part of God’s grand scheme.


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