November 26. Another good morning. Another new day and blank page. The sun is smiling on me through the windows of my sunroom. I am surrounded by my clutter. That hasn’t changed. Perhaps I should not focus my thoughts on the clutter so much. More focus seem to have resulted in more chaos. It is a perplexing paradox. I shall set it aside for consideration in my spare idle moments.

I am not as gleeful as I want or could be. Perhaps I should do something about it. The sun is out. I should go for a walk and return some books to the library. Fresh air and exercise could resuscitate my drooping spirit.  I am torn though between that and tapping out more words here. But the sun is winning. I shall walk while the sun shines. My words can wait. I might have to work to dig them out later. It is the price I can afford. 


November 27. And so it is another new day. I never came back to the page after my walk yesterday. It was a longer walk than I had anticipated or remembered. It went on and on forever before I got to the library. My books felt heavier with every step. However, it was very worth it, being such a beautiful sunny day. I was mesmerized by the loveliness of trees in winter, their arms bared of summer leaves, twisting and reaching up to the sky. 

I was so happy to discover the library was opened when I finally arrived. Other times they were not opened or did not open till noon on the weekend. They had provisions for returning books through a slot. I was not concerned about that though. I was in need of a sit down and rest before making my way back home. It was wonderful to rest in the sunny sitting room. Finding another John Grisham novel, Sooley was an added bonus.

Today I am not so fortunate. There is no sun but I am lucky that I have my own sitting room, much like the one in the library though smaller. I’m always surrounded by light. Some days are brighter than others and I am grateful for any and all the light I get. I have to count my blessings however small they are some days. Today I am:

  • grateful that my heart is open to receiving.
  • grateful for my sunroom.
  • grateful for being in the centre of 3 city libraries. 


You Light Up My Life

I am so porous to the prevailing moods around me. It is not an advantage. I am one of those people who can feel your pain. It is not a good thing. I’m feeling a little under the weather, mood wise. It is, of course, a very cloudy day. If not for the snow, my world would be very dark. Therefore, I do love the white stuff. It lights up my life.

The Covid-19 numbers in Saskatchewan today are 4 deaths and 235 new cases. I am still tracking the numbers. I should stop but it is better to be informed. It is depressing and difficult to understand why we aren’t all compliant with what we need to do. Why are some so defiant about wearing masks and having large gatherings? Why do some still believe it’s not real? I guess the answers are blown in the wind. I best get on with what I can do and not sink deeper into the rabbit hole.

Talking about rabbits, I met up with one on my walk. It was all white except for the tips of his ears. I’m sure if Sheba was still here, she’ll be lunging and straining on her leash. I have her to thank for my daily walks. It’s hard to give them up after 14 years. My body knows when it is time to get up and get walking. Sheba is with me in spirit. We go down the streets and alleys as before. And it is all good – for my body and spirit. Being out in nature, even if it’s in the city, is something good I can do for myself.

Gardening is another good thing I can do. I know it is almost December but spring in the greenhouse won’t be that far away. I’m excited to get seeds ordered,organized and started. We had the greenhouse built in record time. It’s hard waiting. Here’s the guy’s video of its construction to take me out of here. The greenhouse is a very good thing.


November 18, 2018  8:33 am

Mornings are still dark at this time of the year. They will get darker yet as we move towards December. It is easy for me to idle my time away surfing the Internet. I’ve had my quota. It is time to move on. So I am here, to breathe and meditate and to flex my fingers. It is a good exercise to ease into the day. My fur baby is at my side as usual.

Times are changing for both of us. We are not so young and limber anymore. We seldom go down to the river to run/walk on its frozen waters and to converse with God. It seldom freezes over now even in the heart of winter. Now we take our walks and conversations on our urban streets. I can still feel His presence amid the traffic and noise. I can hear our collective breaths in the air. What is in one is in the whole. We are all connected.

December 19, 2018  1:54 pm

It is a grey Monday. I’m sitting with my decaf. I’m not motivated or inspired. If anything, I’m sleepy. If I haven’t been programmed to do and create, I would lay down and have a nap. I might just do that yet. I’ve been training myself not to ‘do’ lately. I’m cutting back time spent scrolling and crawling through cyberspace. I’m grabbing back some empty time for my soul and sanity. I’ve forgotten that I am the captain of my ship. I make the calls which direction I’m heading.

4:45 pm

I was not good at napping. I stretched out on my Lazy Boy with my quilt and closed my eyes. My sleepiness disappeared. I was left with trying to will myself to sleep. It was no good. I need more practice. I have to ease into it. I had to give it up and worked on my cross stitch of Jesus. It was relaxing, an emptying of mind and stress. I’ve filled most those blanks on that section of background. It’s like doing a crossword puzzle only much easier. I knew all the answers. If only I knew all the answers to life, wouldn’t it be grand?

It is getting darker. It’s after 5. Sheba and I have been around a block or two and maybe even more. I tried not to think it’s cold. I tried not to shiver. I tried to think warm and not to cut short our usual walk. I walked tall and as briskly as Sheba would go. She likes to dawdle and stick her nose into the snow, looking for a snack. But we are back. I’m here with my tea, toast and jam. I’m good at that.




These summer evenings have been just perfect for leisurely strolls.  The heat of the day is gone, but it is still warm.  The air is calm, with just enough of a breeze.  Oh, these lazy, hazy eves of summer!

IMG_1124You can literally say that everyone and their dogs are out.  I keep a tight rein on Sheba. She’s an excited girl.  Tonight she’s preoccupied sniffing every telephone pole and sign post.  We are not moving along fast.  It’s a step, step, then sniff, sniff.  It is a bit annoying. We are not getting an aerobic workout by any stretch of the imagination.  I have to remind myself that every dog needs its day.  I let her sniff to her content.  It’s her time.

It is the last day of July.  I should be at my keyboard tapping out something profound.  But the evening calls and we follow, past the church, its door lit like a beacon in the night.  We come by the playground with the big pencil pointing upward.  I know.  I still have my writing to do.  I will get to it when we get home.

I am here, trying to find those magical words.  I’ve left it too late.  They, too, have their time.  I have to give them more respect and not take them for granted.  Till tomorrow then, dear readers.  Tomorrow.  Good night.


IMG_6632I’m hard pressed to find something to write about today.  Perhaps I should set mornings to write.  I certainly was awake early today with the realization that I had forgotten to bring the bedding plants inside last evening.  And the overnight low was -3 C!  It was luck that no harm was done.  But I brought them in for a little warm up.



I found Sheba sleeping in the pale morning light, with her toys around her.  She can sound so fierce at times, but mostly she’s just a big suck, needing a lot of cuddles and pats.




The morning was warm and sunny as we set out on our walk.  I wondered how many miles we have covered in our 7 1/2 years together, wandering down back alleys, trudging through snowdrifts, ambling along winding paths and walking the straight and narrow.


IMG_0269There was nothing wild about our outings except for occasional fields of dandelions in the summer.  But I would have to say that they energized our spirits and restored our souls.





I life my face to catch the sun and drink in the sweet nectar of its rays.