IMG_4701I am back with my cup of tea. Showing up can be as easy as that – showing up. I am sitting in this space – with a tap, a letter, word and a thought or two.  The message for me this morning:  Is there another way?

There is always another way.  I am not happy this morning.  In fact I was angry and unhappy waking up – with MYSELF.  I probably took those thoughts and feelings with me to bed last night.  I ask the hard question.  Do I want to head in the direction of anger, resentment and self blame?  Of course not. But. There is always that big BUT in the way.

IMG_4704BUT choosing a new different way is hard.  Those well worn grooves are tricky. They don’t want to let go.  I am still in the groove now, ruminating again over life’s quirks and quarks.  Why can’t I just stop and move boldly forward?  I’m reading the message in the picture –And otherwise start over again.  That is what I need to do many times until a new groove/habit is form.

No better time to start in a different way than the present moment.  No better time to start over than on a Monday, the beginning of a new week.

Today I looked at the world with different eyes.  I questioned the validity of my thoughts.  I changed the way I behaved if only slightly.  I inhaled and exhaled before I reacted.  I tried not to live in someone else’s sadness.  I said no because that was what I wanted/needed to say.  I did not apologize for no reason.  I tried a different way of being today.  Tomorrow I will try again.