It is another morning in this new ‘life will never be the same again’. Yet it comes and goes with the rising and setting of the sun – as usual. We still need the air we breathe and the sun on our skin. Have we taken them, and everything else on this breathing planet, too much for granted? Now we go to sleep and wake up in trepidation of the air we breathe and things we touch. We look at each other with suspicion. We keep 6 feet apart. We mask. We wash and wash our hands and everything we touch. It is not life as usual.

I wonder how to proceed each day, how not to dwell in the well of this nervous energy and uncertainty. If there ever is a perfect time for a makeover, I think it is now. We have this time of no distraction from the outside world. We are locked in with just ourselves. It can be discomforting. I am, at times, uncomfortable and alarmed with just my thoughts and voice. I cannot sit in silent meditation. I still need the soothing recorded voice of Mark Williams to guide me.

I tell myself it is all right. I can try again in silence another morning when I am feeling stronger. I don’t have to be a hero. I don’t have to be Wonder Woman. In this time I can just be, to explore, test, sample, sift through feelings and thoughts, decide what is valuable, what is not, to keep or toss. It is, of course, a bit disconcerting, somewhat like being tossed about on a stormy sea on a raft. There are no boundaries, no safety net, no known territory. I have to re-think, re-see with new thoughts and new eyes. How do I live in this new world now? Do I sink, just tread water or will I learn new skills of survival?

I’ve been sinking and treading water forever and a day now. I’m tired of just keeping my head above water. I want to survive, thrive and feel the joy that is supposed to be mine. I would like that without having to ‘work’ so hard at it all the time. Perhaps that’s asking for alot. Perhaps the joy comes from the work. Perhaps I already have the joy. Perhaps I have to explore and redefine joy.

LET BE -Day 26 in a year of …..

Day 26, August 17, 2016 @2:42

For everything there is a beginning. But nothing happens until you start. Here I am, showing up. Do I have anything to say? What can I say about my intention of being – of not striving?

All my life I have strived to be better than what I am. I attribute my striving to feeling of lack in all aspects. That can happen when you are an immigrant and/or a child of immigrants. I was both having come to Canada from Hong Kong at 8 years old.

I strived to learn English, rid my accent, to catch up in school, to ‘fit’ in. I strived not to mind that I looked different – my hair is black, my eyes slanted, my nose small. I strived not to mind that we celebrate different things in different ways. I strived to be acceptable, to be the same as everyone. I failed, of course, but one never stops striving. There’s always something new to strive for.

imageMy mission for today is to learn to stop. It is not easy but I can at least let go a little each day. There really is nothing to do and nowhere to go in this moment. There is no one to compare, to judge, to please except myself.

For everything there is also an ending.  Can you let go a little?  Try it.  Till tomorrow.