January 19, day 19 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I’ve missed day 17 and 18. That’s how the days have crumbled. Sometimes I can’t do everything. Sometimes I don’t want to do everything. A change is as good as a rest. I hope it can bring me a fresh outlook and some good ideas. I was feeling a bit staid and tired but not overwhelmed. Truth to be told, I am not enjoying writing and the Challenge as much these days. Perhaps I am challenged out.

So I cut myself some slack and gave myself some time away from the keyboard. Why not, eh? I have no business or service to promote. I write for pleasure and therapy. If it is no longer either one, a rest is needed. I am hard pressed to find time to sit and read these days. It was pure pleasure not to worry about writing a post these last couple of days. It wasn’t easy at first because there’s this voice saying I should live up to my commitment. But my fatigue and the book Beach Blonde spoke louder. Now the book is read and I am feeling so much better and rested.

We are back in the deep freeze for the next couple of days. It’s another reason for my well being. I am brighter with more pep and vinegar on cold sunny days. Strange but true. Maybe I got used to very frigid temperatures from having had a very high energy Lab Border Collie mix. We went out to the dog park in all kinds of weather. We were more regular than the mailman. I no longer have her to run with in the snow. Cross country skiing is now my substitute.

I don’t like to miss any days. Today is no exception. Even with an extreme cold weather warning, I was out in the park. I warmed up doing 2 laps in the South Park where I am more comfortable. Then I moved over to the North Park with those troublesome slopes. Today I did good. Being so cold the tracks were not fast. I had lots of control downing the slopes. No skyrocketing into space was possible. No falling and splatting. No hugging the snow. I am getting over my fear and getting my confidence back. The exercise was invigorating. It did me and my disposition a world of good.


A change of pace, a change of scene is always good for the soul. It breaks up the routine. It breaks up thoughts. You can’t rely on the same old, same old. You are forced to see something different if not differently.

So here we are in another city, in a hotel. In recent days we’ve experienced the loss of family members. That alone has changed our lives forever. Our days are somehow never going to be the same. The thought makes the losses unbearable and the memories all the more precious.

I see those moments frozen in time. It is as if I could reach out my hand and touch those people. I can almost hear their voices and laughter. So I have not lost them really. I still have had the experience of them in my being. They are still part of who I am.

I am a little sad but I’m also full of their love and my love for them. So really I am happy after all.


IMG_4638What is it about the weekend that is so restful, even for those of us who no longer ‘work’ for a living?  I am grateful for that sense of ease and peace that is here on this sunny Sunday.  I love to sit in my favourite space and watch the spruce branches sway in the wind.  The somber and laughing Buddhas sit unperturbed beneath.

I am claiming the day mine – to rest, to find my way back to musings, thoughts, words – to do as I please.  The week days have been most harried and taxing as Miss Potter might say.  Would she say that?  I have recently watched that movie.  She is a most admirable woman and creator of Peter Rabbit.  2016 is the 150th anniversary of her birth and there are many posts and celebrations afoot.

IMG_4639It is nice to sit here in the sunlight, amid my paper clutter. Some things never change. Maybe messy helps my thinking process.  It seems to be working! The letters and words are coming as I  tap, tap on the keyboard. It’s rhythmic and soothing.  It is a different aerobic exercise for my brain.  A change of pace is good for body and mind.  I do wish my flash fiction mode would come back.  I miss writing for Friday Fictioneers.  I wonder what Miss Potter or Peter Rabbit would do to get the story juice going.