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The last day of April. The last day of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I have to show up to wrap up though I don’t know where or how to begin. I am feeling the overwhelm of too many loose threads. My mind is far from being a clean slate, a blank canvas upon which I can paint/write the life I want. Instead it is a muddy eddy of scattered thoughts and memories. What are/were my goals, my wants and loves? They are not necessaily the same things.

I’m always eager and engaged at the beginning of any new endeavor. I feel focused and pumped. However, it doesn’t take long before my burst of enthusiasm develops a slow leak. I lose sight of the whole enchilada. I tread water, don’t show up, and/or write the same damn thing day in and day out. Sometimes I pride myself in just showing up/trying. I guess you can say I am beating myself up. That’s not it though. I’m giving myself a pep talk.

April and any given month is a hard month. And so are any given day. If I am being repetitive, so is life. There is a tediousness to almost everything. I/everyone have to work through that part. No one is exempt. How do you work through that? I heave and sigh alot. I make a cup of tea. Lately I had to change up on my cup size and kind of tea. I was getting too much caffeine. My heart was skipping a little too much and my lymph nodes swelling up. The change has been good but I still get cravings of my endless cup of Orange Pekoe tea. Listening to Caroline Myss on the Addict Archtype and Tara Brach on Letting Go helped alot. Writing about the tedium opens up the way out of it, too.

I’m not as morose as I sound. Really, I am not. It’s my way of working through hard spots and hard times. I’m not protesting too much. A friend reading my posts once offered me help and sanctuary because she thought I needed help. It was such a lovely and generous gesture. It’s a beautiful memory I have of her. Both she and her father were such a help to us when we first came to Canada. She walked me to school every morning and took me to Sunday school till I outgrew the need. I hope she still keeps an eye on me from Heaven.

TEDIUM – Day 43 in a year of …

IMG_6978The truth is life can be tedious, painfully so sometimes – like today.  There’s nothing to be done but to bear it.  I’m afraid I can’t grin.  It is entirely my own fault, having slept too much when we were in the woods.  It was so delicious, curled up in the soft fluffy comforter.  But when you sleep 9 – 10 hours each night for a couple of nights, it catches up with you.  You guess it.  I had a restless, not much sleep last night.

IMG_4658I’m paying for it today – feeling not quite kosher, achy, limbs heavy like cement.  Sheba does not understand ‘tired’.  When it is time for her walk, she barks and barks.  I have to get up.  I have to make the effort.  We go around the block.  She does her business.  She’s happy and we’re home.

I’m doing my business, too.  I’m moving one foot in front of the other.  I’m doing one thing at a time.  I disregard how I feel and move, however fast I can managed it.  At the end of the day, I can say:  I am not behind.  I’m right where I should be.  Some days even when everything in my body hurts and I’m as tired as all get out, it still feel good to move.  I guess you call it rising and answering the call.

I’m happy I’m still making it here.  Till tomorrow.