A Cowardly but Respectful Lion

Yesterday I talked about being brave. But I am still like Dorothy’s cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz. I’m not quite up to snuff, not up to confrontations. Never have and maybe never will. There’s something not quite kosher with the word, ‘confront’. It does not sit well with me. It implies hostility. It’s not the way I want to interact or behave. The word itself already brings with it anger and other mean spirited feelings. It is the word I am eliminating from my vocabulary right now.

Call me cowardly if you will but I cannot behave contrary to the way I was raised. That is my rock and a hard place. I do not want to absorb all the negativity it generates into my being. It is really not good for my well being. With a little creativity, luck and serendipity, I’ve turned into an alchemist. All my angst, from whichever source and direction they came from are very good fodder. They’ve fuel my painting, sewing, crocheting, knitting and my tap, tap, tapping here. All the frustrations, disappointments, saddness and anger are good compost. They give rise to ideas and visions and hope for a better (my)self. Being a queen of self-help, I always aim for a better version of me. Sometimes I succeed. Lately I’ve been failing. I’m picking myself up, brushing off self pity and getting ready to rise above the dust.

Having tapped out these words, my heart feels lighter if not braver. I will not tiptoe around my own sacred garden/yard/the world. But neither will I stomp around in anger and malice. I will treat my boundary and hers as well with due respect as always. If my beans or other climbing vines climb over the fence, well they are trespressing in the technical term. It matters not that they are not invasive or harming nothing. She has a right to nip the trespasser in the bud. I’ve already informed the weed company she uses that we do not want any spray on our property. That is fair, respecting my property.

The day is almost gone. I’ve spent the afternoon and my excess angst cleaning out my car. All the rubber mats and carpets are taken out, washed and dusted. The insides are vacuumed and wiped down. What took me so long? Why have I been so neglectful? It’s the first time I’ve cleaned the inside since I bought the car in 2009. Sometimes you start one thing, it can lead to another. Life can be wonderful this way. I’m stuck between that rock and a hard place. I’m chipping my way out, throwing out the dirt and pebbles. Now there’s room for Sheba.

What better way to rid the dust after a hard day’s work than a swim. None that I could think of. Though I had only a short time, I made my way to the pool. Twenty minutes was exactly what the doctor had ordered. It was cheered considerably by a thoughtful young man who was the life guard. He still looked wet behind the ears but was wise as Solomon in human relationships. I left with a softer heart than when I came. Thank you ___ . He told me his name but of course, I’ve forgotten already.





Last winter I was surprised to find Mary Kay in Ghana!  Who would have thought that there was a market for cosmetics in a supposedly Third World country?  But there it was, the big sign over the store.  I did not go in to check out the African line of products, but I snapped the picture of the sign.

The other day I  read the passing of Zig Ziglar on Carol Finlayson’s website, http://carolfinlayson.com/  Talk about synchronicity and serendipity!  I had wondered why and how I was going to use it when I took the picture.  Now I know.

You could say that both Mary Kay and Zig Ziglar played pivotal parts in my life, though not in obvious ways.  That is the loveliness of life.  It is full of gifts and subtleties for us to find and unwrap.  Sometimes it feels like Christmas Eve with the tree all decorated and the lights blinking off and on.  Now you see it.  Now you don’t.  You have to be ever so quiet and still or you might miss Santa coming down the chimney.

You’re wondering what I am talking about, I am sure.  I am not quite sure if I know myself!  I only know that there is this magical moment, of recognition that something important happened.  Maybe it is a recognition that I am living the life I was meant to live, that everything in it had a purpose.

Mary Kay came into my life quite accidentally, or so I thought at the time, for I do not like selling anything, much less doing a home based business.  But there I was, caught up in the craziness of the thing…phone calls, home parties, begging all my friends to have parties….  I invested $1500 in products.  And I did give it a good go though I hated every moment of trying to sell.  So how can I succeed in doing something that I do not like?  No way, of course!

I took a few courses in the process of becoming the salesperson that I could not be.  One of them was a motivational speaker sponsored by the Underwriters of Saskatchewan, those life insurance people.  And his name was Zig Ziglar.  He was a small man and not very impressive looking, but he sure can talk and motivate!

He could not motivate me enough into becoming a successful Mary Kay consultant.  I might as well have tried selling insurance instead! It would have been less costly to me.  But he did motivate me in more important ways.  I recognize that now as I listen to him again in this video.

I think by now I have rid all the evidence of my failed attempt at being a salesperson.  Though I have failed, I do not consider myself a failure.  I guess the secret for me is that you cannot succeed doing something you do not like.  Some secret!