Today brings more grey and mist but the morning is lit up with my blooming irises.  God always find a way to light up the world.

I don my pink power shoes and head out the door with my Sheba in tow.  Waste not time in letting the grey seep into our souls.  Have feet, will travel.  Aren’t mottos great for pushing us forward into the great unknown?

My great unknown was alive this morning with traffic, noise and city workers.  I heard City Hall got a bigger budget and they’re busy out spending it – improving the infrastructure.  Road Blocked, Detour, Street cleaning and No Parking signs were everywhere.  The neighbourhood hummed.

We saw City of Saskatoon cars driven by my guess,  grey-haired retired seniors. They were probably the ones who put tickets on windshields of illegally parked cars. Where were you suppose to go when there is no driveway?  Someone honked.  I looked back to see who it was.  Did we do anything wrong?  A city worker in his green and yellow neon vest got out of a black Toyota truck.  He was only getting a fellow worker’s attention.

We put a little more mustard into our feet.  We trotted faster and got the hell off the streets, back into our safe haven.  We checked to see how the vegetables were faring.

The raised beds are doing considerably better than our garden in the ground.  The cucumbers and squash and tomatoes are still struggling even after an application of sheep manure.  But the potatoes, beans, peas, onions, etc. are doing fine.  I’m taking note for next year.  It is all a process – try this, try that.  It is worth it no matter what happens.

Have heart and you will harvest.  Yet another motto from yours truly.