Time in the desert moves slowly but surely.  Silence is all around me.  I can hear the echo of my heartbeat.  Peace is all around me.  I gaze down at my own private Grand Canyon.  How lucky am I in this place at this time.

The sun warms my face in the daytime.  It lights up the world and I can see for miles around.  At night, the moon is bright overhead.  The stars twinkle merrily in the velvety dark.  I can see the belt of the Orion.  How expansive and rich is the universe!

I inhale and exhale.  I am grateful in the desert.



If only you were here, we could do so many things….hold hands, touch each other’s faces and talk of tomorrow.  We could laugh in the sunshine and splash in the rain.  We could sing Bird on a Wire and Hallelujah along with Leonard Cohen.  We could almost fly to the moon and back and swing from the stars.  We could almost have fun.

You are here.  And we can learn to do all those things.  We have to open our hearts and our minds to embrace all possibilities.  We can fly to the moon and dance among the stars.  HALLELUJAH!