partyAfter the party is over, after all the drinks are gone, after all the speeches have been spoken, after everyone has gone home… We can relax and let our smiles fall. We can take our shoes off and drop our clothes on the floor.  We can sigh, breathe and let our shoulders drop. We can wash the weariness off our faces, smile again, remembering the moments, faces, toasts and stories, feeling grateful that we have friends and family to invite and share.

After the party is over, after we can take no more, after we have come home, we can let our faces fall.  We undress, hang up our clothes and stumble to the bathroom.  Under the warm shower, we breathe and sigh with relief and contentment.  We smile at the memories, stories and happy faces, feeling grateful to be invited.

mountainjpgAfter the journey is over and the dog collected, after the bags are unloaded, after a cup of tea and a glass of wine, after a meal cooked and ate, after a good night’s sleep…..After the bags are unpacked, the clothes laundered and hung, I am able to sit here, feet up, tap, tapping on the keyboard, feeling grateful for the journey, the hills and valleys, the laughter, the tears and the people who travelled with me.


IMG_6663It’s raining again.  I am sitting here watching the rain and listening to its beat on the deck roof.  And wherever I go, Sheba has to go, of course. She is happily listening along with me.


Two doors down, I can hear the children of the daycare blissfully playing in the rain. Their laughter and chatter fill the air.  It is as it should be – spring, rain, the greening of the earth and the laughter of children.

Thunder rumbles.  The children are gone.  The rain stops and the sun comes out amid the clouds.  How strange and wondrous nature and the weather have been.  And equally, so is life.  Nothing can be taken for granted.


mime-attachment1Humour is the best medicine.  How often have you heard that expression?  When I’m drowning in my quagmire of angsts, I do not want to hear mention of it.  I’m liable to wack you one if you suggest that.

However, if you are clever enough or clownish enough and can cause me to break out in uproarious, heehawing, guffawing laughter, it would probably disrupt my brain waves and bust me out of my misdemeanor.  Is that the right word?  No matter!  It has the right sound.

Lacking humour and laughter, I’m having to resort to tapping out my mean and unrighteous feelings.  Oh, how can people do such things?  Oh, HOW could they?  Have they no conscious?  WHERE are their morals?

26021_382532410886_4015549_nYou know what?  This is working!  The demons in me are leaving through my fingerstips with each tap, tap on the keyboard.  Hallelujah!