It’s true that I’m seldom bored. I don’t think I’m an exciting person or that my life is exciting. But I find life very exciting. Our universe is a wondrous thing. To wake up each morning to a new day is magical. I look forward to it before I go to bed each night. What will the day hold? What new things will I learn? I try not to think about how much I can accomplish. Being somewhat type A, I do – want to squeeze in as much as I can. I have learned to ease off and relax when I start feeling a bit squeezed.

So I am in my Ease Spot in this moment with my fingers on my keyboard. My morning was busy tackling my grapes. I had one pail separated from the stems last evening while watching a movie. They are now washed. I made a start of squeezing them out of their skins first before I steam juice them. It was a difficult task of separating them and the pulp through the food mill other day. I got distracted from that task. We’re down to our last loaf of bread, so I got the dough started. It is now proofing in the oven. The yeast is very active as we have another warm October day. I will do the loafing and baking after lunch. The dough is very resilient. I will punch it down and stick it in the fridge till I’m ready. It is hitting the roof of the oven.

Now it is after lunch. The bread is in the oven. Dishes, pots and pans washed. No further progress with the grapes. I’m a little tired. Time for a rest and a stretch after the bread comes out of the oven. The thing with getting older is, my mind is still willing but my body says no. It needs some TLC. I will now do my daily C.A.R.S. No, I’m not talking about driving a car but doing exercises to improve/keep my mobility. It stands for Controlled Articular Rotations. I was introduced to it by our exercise instructor at the YWCA. I always felt so relaxed after each class- as if I’ve had a massage. This video is excellent showing how each exercise is done.


IMG_0823The rains has stopped.  The days are a bit cooler but the sun is competing with the clouds.  Perfect weather for more planting.  I am excited and impassioned.  I have the green bug in me.

IMG_0826We rushed out to Dutch Growers yesterday and came home with 2 Beta Grapes.  They are planted along the side of the sun room. This morning the frame for the vines to climb up was erected.  Hopefully next summer I will be picking blue-black grapes and making juice and jelly – and maybe wine.

It looks like the clouds are now winning.  A light rain would be welcomed.  Perfect for my grapes and raspberries to get a good start.  Someone up there likes me!  How great is HE!

I better take advantage and run out and put in my onion sets, scarlet runners and more carrots.