These may not be the best of times. It certainly is the strangest of times. Most of all, it is the only time we have. I’m trying to find a way to make the most of it. I’ve been a little frustrated, irritated, a little angry, a little up and a little down, feeling the whole kaleidoscope of emotions. Today I’m feeling more at ease and relaxed. I’ve come through the clouds though it is a cloudy day. No sun at all but it is a mild December day. It is -1 degrees Celsius. It is cooler in the greenhouse, -1.6.

I’ve been frustrated with my clutter, my inefficiency. It seems I’ve been working at it for years. Or have I? I’m probably just spinning in my tracks, going nowhere. I have Stephanie Bennett Vogt’s A Year to Clear on my Kindle app. Maybe it’s time for me to open it and follow it daily. The chapters are in weeks and within days. Surely I can tackle a single day at a time. It will be good training for my errant brain. I really have difficulty concentrating and doing things step by step in order. I often skip the middle of the book and read the ending. I am impatient. I can’t tolerate/enjoy the whole process. Often I don’t make it back to read the whole story.

I’m practicing on being more patient, tapping slowing and patiently on my keyboard. Sometimes my thoughts race ahead of my fingers. It’s torture to proofread but I will start to do that from now on. I’m good at figuring out computer glitches. I tap here and there until everything works. I can’t tell you how or why though. That’s what my brain is like – a mess of synapses snapping away. Order inside and out is what I desire. I will put that down on my list on my Notes app.

The day has progressed into evening. I will shut it down soon. I have opened A Year to Clear. I will take the time to work through the days and weeks. I am taking this week to relax into the process and to reflect on what it is that I want to clear and what to keep. It is not just about stuff. My mind is as cluttered as my dining room table. I will take it slow and easy. I have a whole year ahead.

MACHETE DAYS – Day 11 in a year of…

Day 11, August 2, 2016 @2:33

IMG_6859Some days are tougher than others.  I still get up, dress up and show up, though not quite made up or comb up.  Some days you have to change the order of things when you feel disorderly.  Life is a jungle of trials, tribulations and emotions.  You have to machete your way through the undergrowth, and dodge bullets at the same time.  You roll with the dice.  It is called being flexible.

This is why I’m doing this year long project of choosing to do different.  I need to stay nimble and flexible to dance the Plie, Pirouette, Tendu and Jete in the ballet of life.

IMG_6867Wanting to do different, I choose to show up again and again every day.  Trying NOT to whine again and again, I come back to the Mindfulness Summit of the 2015.  This morning I sat with Melli O’Brien and Jono Fisher.  Some days I can focus better than others.


Still – I am here with bells in my ears.  I’m ready for the dance of life, however it is.  Are you?