It’s not true that tomorrow never comes. It has. It is today. I am proud to say that I’ve pulled myself up by the bootstraps. I live in the moment each moment – for the morning at least. I had wondered how I was going to get my head out of the clouds into clear sailing. I could not give into my natural state of “I’ll do it tomorrow”. Too many tomorrows have passed. I’ve wound up like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, waking up to the same tune, day after day. I’m sick of it.

I am the most energized, optimistic and happy in the morning. That being, it would be the best time to tackle what I deemed difficult and unpleasant tasks like bills and other paper crap. I dragged out my container and bag full of receipts. I circled the dates on each one, the easier to match my monthly Master Card statements. It seems like an arduous task but I did finished 7 statements. Of course, there’s a good possibility of more receipts showing up. I do not have the habit of keeping things in one place – yet. And I’ve started a notebook to jot down things I need to do and dates to keep track of. I have 3 items on it.

I decided that was enough for today. Trying to straighten out everything in one day would invite disaster. I’m keeping in mind to find logical homes for things so that I’m not forever taking the house apart searching. It is now time to give things a rest. It is now 5:35 pm. Time to let go, relax and have a glass of wine. There’s a time for everything.

NO MATTER WHAT THE WEATHER – Day 86 in a year of..

Day 86, October 18, 2016 @8:29 pm

img_8081The day was cloudy as cloudy could get.  It was difficult to summon up the desire and energy to do anything or go anywhere.  It is good to have dates,  commitments and challenges to fulfill.  They get me out of bed.  I dress up, make up and show up whether I feel like it or not.  I now have enough experience to know that once I make a start, the rest will follow.  Of course not all starts are equal.  Some are harder than others.

But once I start, like now, tap tapping on the keyboard, the rest will flow. There is a rhythm to it. I am soothed by the letters and words as they march across the page.  I love the silence that I am working in.  My senses are irritated and nerves jangled by all the drama happening on the world’s stage.  At the same time, I am intrigued and fascinated by it all.  I wonder how much of it is true. But enough now!  I have to stop all that noise and make sense of my day.

img_8109Despite all the grey and dreariness of the day, I am feeling fantastically well. One cannot help feeling it just saying the word.  I was able to haul my ass out to the dog park.  Sheba is always eager and willing no matter what the weather.  I am learning from her. She is a good teacher.  If only she could speak a little softer.