AN EXTRA CUP OF TEA – Day 71 in a year of…

Day 71, October 1, 2016 @9:56

img_2952What is it about tea and me?  What is it about that cup of brew that brings so much pleasure and comfort?  Is it the pause it offers me – the time to put the kettle on and wait for it to whistle?  When it does, then pouring the hot water over the teabag, fishing out the bag, spooning in honey and powdered milk. Little pregnant pauses – full of deliciousness of time suspended.


img_5320Perhaps my next doing different could be learning/developing my own tea ceremony.  After all, I am Asian.  I came from the land of tea. I have a kimono.  I have a teapot.  I have tea.  My cupboard is filled packs of loose tea leaves from Sri Lanka – gifts from a friend.  I have been too lazy and too impatient to do the process.  My friend has discovered my laziness.  Now she gives me teabags from Sri Lanka.

My extra cup is finished.  I meander but it is Saturday. It is October 1.  It is another new month, another new beginning.  It is reason enough to celebrate. It still feels like a special day off, a suspension from the cares of the week.  I shall relish it.  How are you spending this Saturday?