In our present mindset, there will never be enough time or the right moment for the right thing.  We are forever pulled away from ourselves.  There is always something else, somewhere else and something else.  Here and now are never good enough.  We yearn for better and other times.  At least, that is how I was am. I am trying for better.  Well, here I go again – for better instead of accepting what is. 

IMG_2994What is, is that moments are fleeting.  They are like dreams, evaporating with wakefulness and like dewdrops in morning sunlight.  There will always be things to do – dishes to wash and put away, floors to sweep and wash, things to pick up, the Internet to surf, those addicting games to play…..

Be careful of seducers, vying for your attention.  Can you be still and quiet long enough to hear what pulls your heart?  The morning sun will come through these trees just so in this moment.  It will make the tabletop shine like golden custard in this moment.  Shadows will fall in the next.

Photo on 2015-08-12 at 2.54 PMI am sitting here in nature’s backdrop.  Bees and flies are buzzing around.  Sheba is ever watchful, trying to catch them with a snap of her jaws.  The sun is before and behind me.  I feel the soft movement of air on my neck.  A spruce branch stir in the breeze.  I have nothing to do and nowhere to go.  For this moment I sit and stay.



It is almost the end of August and the day is hot.  Life has been hard but then when has it not?  And doesn’t that make the moment more sweeter and poignant when all the dust has settled and you can let out the big sigh and breathe again?  Ah!  Feel the peace.

I have time to savour the quiet, the space and the nothingness of everything.  I can lay here on the coolness of the floor.  I close my eyes and watch my breath go in and out.  There is nothing to accomplish.  There are no thoughts to be thought… plans, no schemes, no desires, no memories.  I am only in the now of the moment for this moment.  And that is all that matters, this moment.