December 19, 2018  8:14 am

We’re 2 days away from Winter Solstice – the shortest day of the year. It looks like we are getting 7.5 – 8 hours of daylight. It’s still dark as can be now but I am rethinking, rebooting my brain not to dwell on the dark. I don’t want to waste time where things don’t work or get better. You know that drill – the insanity of wanting a different outcome but you keep doing the same thing over and over. No more! I declare again.

I started Unravelling Your(my) Year 2019 this morning. I have chosen my word for this year. It is TIMELY as I am such a procrastinator. I had printed out the workbook for Unravelling Your Year for over a week already. It’s time I start work on it or it’s going to sit on the dining table till next December. Delving into and looking back at where I’ve been the past year hopefully will unlock some doors as to what went wrong and what was beneficial. It’s a post morten of the year so I will not repeat mistakes. Having a word for the year will guide and push me along.

1:25 pm

As you can see, I come here whenever I have some time and something to say. It’s a tabata workout for my body and soul.  It’s working very well for me. I spend blocks of time, short, shorter or longer here, dependent on how I am or what I have to say. I don’t sit for hours, agonizing over anything. When I feel the agony approaching, I get up and do something else. Change my posture, change my thinking and feelings.

My word, TIMELY, evolved from a fellow blogger asking what is my favourite tip for decluttering. I don’t know if it’s my favourite, but I think it is the most effective – doing things in a timely manner. Dealing with things right away shortens the time that I have to agonize over the clutter/problem. They don’t have time to pile up and snow me under. I haven’t been too successful at it but it is a wee bit better now than in years gone by. My laundry basket is a testament to my failures. It still contains clean washed clothes from my working days. I’ve been retired 5 years now.

I no longer use that basket. The laundry comes off/out of the line/dryer, gets folded and put away. But I haven’t cleared/emptied the basket either. Having chosen TIMELY as THE word for the year have paid dividends already. It got me washing the bathroom floor yesterday. It’s a very small space so why do I hate and feel it’s so hard? I’ve decided that it is unnecessary to understand the whys of everything and just tend to the task at hand. Repeated exposion to doing the hated thing hopefully will desensitize me to the hate.

THE BEAT GOES ON – day 105 in a year of..

Day 105, November 7, 2016 @6:10 pm

img_7811The days are marching by, one by one.   There’s sunshine. The flight of birds in the sky and the rustling of leaves in the breeze. Autumn in its finest.  I must not tarry – lost in dreams.   I must march along. The beat goes on.  And so do I on this November day.

I have been distracted and wandered off.  But I’ve come back.  I am learning that it is our nature to be distracted, thinking a million thoughts at once.  I’m learning to bring myself and my wandering mind back again and again.  It will always be this way.  And what an interesting and exciting way it is.

This morning as most every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, we were off to Val’s exercise class at the YWCA.  I credit this class for clearing my brain fog and easing my anxiety.  They are pretty good motives for me to return again and again.  Val and the class are other reasons.   They are so full of enthusiasm, energy and camaraderie.  Today was a tabata workout.  If you don’t know what it is, here’s a YouTube video.  I believe our class is much harder workout!

The day is getting on.  Supper is almost ready.  I’m getting restless and distracted again.  My writing is a bit sloppy and disjointed.  I’m out of practice and concentration.  I will end it here and come back tomorrow.  The beat will go on.  I have much to write about.