LEARNING & NOVELTY – Day 62 in a year of…

Day 62, September 22, 2016 @6:05 pm

Day 62 finds me here a little earlier but I am depleted.  I am fortifying myself with a few chocolates.  Hope they can give me a little boost.  I am a bit of a wimp. A few chores can tire me out.  I’m trying to learn to be more efficient with my energy.  Making changes in habits and routines can be exhausting as well as exhiliaring.  The yin and the yang applies to everything.

img_7734September is the month of kids returning to school and learning.  I find the changing of weather and the turning of the leaves a signal for me to change and learn, too. Today, I’m trying to be more open and flexible to the novelty in life. It’s not too much out of my comfort zone to cook a little differently.  I’m Chinese, right? We stir fry anything and everything.

I have a couple of not too fresh cucumbers from the garden.  It’s a squash/melon of a different sort.  So why can’t I stir fry them?  I also have tomatoes on hand and oh, lots of hot chili peppers and abundant luscious green pepper leaves. How about a carrot to take on some of hotness of the chili pepper?  Slice and dice and into the frying pan they went.  I’m happy and alive to say it was a culinary success though my tongue is still a little tingling from the pepper.

It is just a little change in my cooking.  A little novelty in my day.  I don’t have to do big or exciting.  I’m not one for parachuting or bugee jumping.  I can be thrilled by learning that I can do a little different each day.  By doing so today, I learn that I have been doing it most of my life.  What a surprise for me!