Monday evening. It is 9 pm. I can still see blue in the sky. The garden looks so green beneath. The flower boxes on the deck took a beating from the hard driving rains from a few days ago, especially the nasturtiums. I did some rescue work. Hope they will revive.

I’ve had a most exquisite day. I decided to get off my usual treadmill just for today. A rest is as good as a change. I am tired from the last few days. My mind was going like a ticker tape parade, random thoughts spewing in the air. Do this. Do that. Then do this and that some more. My mind was in a frenzy. I recognized that I had to stop thinking and not do any of that. I’ve learned this much in being mindful this month of the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

Nine days left in July. I will be glad to be finished with the challenge. I value the discipline it has given me. Each day I try to focus and refocus on what my goals are. I try to stay on track and on the subject. It’s so easy to get distracted, stray and given up. Stepping off my usual Monday routine and not going to my exercise class is a good and right thing for me today. I spent quality time with Sheba today. The guy is away this week. Sheba and I are on our own. She is missing him. I loathe to leave her alone. Yes, I think I am the one with separation anxiety.

We got our exercise, fresh air and vitamin D on our morning walk. The sun was bright and warm by 9 am. The park was busy with other dogs, people and kids on swings and bikes. We tried to smell the roses as best we can. Sheba got excited a few times. I had to discipline her a few times. She is more receptive now that she is older. She will be 13 in a few weeks.


Now it is past my bedtime. It is time to end this conversation. I should have started earlier but you know how it is. I’ll try for earlier tomorrow.