It’s another day, another Log Cabin square, another ski, and now another post for the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I thought I would show off our winter wonderland. I do love our winters. Most of these photos were taken at the Sutherland Dog Park. Sheba loved running on the frozen South Saskatchewan in the winter. We encountered a red fox here on Christmas eve in 2009. I had thought it was a dog as it streaked past us towards the river. No person followed after and it never came back. That was when I realized it must have been a fox.

I am missing my puppy girl now and again and for always. That is how it is with love. But I know she is happy somewhere over the rainbow. I know she will visit me again.


It’s one of those snow falling on cedars days days. The sun is trying to break through the clouds with fluffy white flakes drifting down. It’s kind of pretty, kind of melancholy. Don’t mind me. I’m just a natural born melancholy babe. I’m a broken record. Unfortunately I can’t sing like Judy. But I can dream about somewhere over the rainbow where bluebirds fly and dreams come true.


It’s another day. The sun is out. The sky is bright and clear. I wish my head is too, but alas! It is like a ticker tape with running rhetorics and what have you(s). Ok, I’m being dramatic. I have a sinus cold but nevertheless, my head is thick and hollow at the same time. Nothing coming in and nothing going out.

It is yet another day. I am a broken record. I have lost my way with words and thoughts. It is true. I haven’t been using them, now I’ve lost them. It will be hard work to coax them back. Oh well, I’ve lost heart and passion, too. The world is flat. It will be an uphill climb but I’m up for the challenge. I’ve been forever plodding on this weary road. The habit is in me. It is my Camino de Santiago.

So much for my plans for a heartful February. The best plans of mice and men often go awry. Mine certainly has. It feels that way but feelings are deceiving. Sometimes they are not true. If I am a depressive, I am a highly functional one. What seems like my lowest low can outshine another depressive’s highest high. I’m not bragging nor being facetious. I’m just being truthful. I always try. I’m always on the Camino. It’s just not in me to stop, give up, give in, throw in the towel, pack it in, abandon ship, derail, fall off the wagon…. That’s not how I am.

But I am a melancholic and love sad happy songs. I do wish I could sing. I wish I could sing like this angel.


It’s Wednesday and I’m ready for Friday Fictioneers and our stories of 100 words.  We’re hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields of Addicted to Purple.  Here’s my 100 words for the picture prompt.  I hope you will enjoy them.  These are hard times and we need a little wizardry and lots of rainbows in our lives.

PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Melanie Greenwood
PHOTO PROMPT – Copyright – Melanie Greenwood

Dorothy wondered what had happened.  Last thing she remembered was feeding the chickens for Aunt Em.  Uncle Henry was cleaning the barn.

She gazed around, her mouth opened, her eyes round in wonder.  She saw the rainbow. She was dazed and amazed.  She remembered being swept up by a big wind.

She felt something squirm in her arms.  Toto!  Oh thank God!  At least she was not alone in this strange place.  She put the little black dog down.  They have to find their way back home.

She saw the yellow brick road.  With Toto following, she headed towards it.