I think it is better for me to use my time to inspire or to be inspired. These last while I have lost my mind and energy in stress over the pettiness of nothingness of someone else – not a friend or a relation. So in effect it was a nobody. How foolish is that? It is the foolishness of being a human, susceptible to trickery and evil. I’m over that, at least for the time being.

Who inspires me?

  • Anne Lamott and her Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life. I admire her honesty and frankness. I am inspired by her advice on witing in a one-inch picture frame and as far as you can see in the length of a headlight’s beam. When you get there, you start again. That is how you can travel the distance, inch by inch, beam by beam.
  • Laurie Wagner of 27 Wild Days. Her 27 video poetry prompts, one each day inspired me to write from my heart. She reads a poem twice. Then it was up to me to write without censorship for how many minutes – 15-30? It doesn’t matter.
  • It works much like Julie Cameron’s Morning Pages.
  • Then there are all those creative souls in my Instagram Community. There’s too many to name. I’ve learned and been inspired so much by them – the textile and other medium artists. They share their ideas and methods   freely. They are generous in their praises and encouragement.
  • My mother is most inspiring of all. I don’t even know how to begin. Perhaps that could another post.

This is enough for today. I’m learning to write in a one-inch picture frame. Tomorrow is another day and another inch. I’m learning to let go of what does not serve me. I’m going towards people who inspire instead of destroy.


MORNING PAGES – Day 77 in a year of…

Day 77, October 7, 2016 @7:05

photo-on-2016-10-07-at-7-02-amI’m feeling a little grainy and ruffled this morning, not wanting to start at all. The morning is still dark.  It would be darker if not for the snow.  I feel weighed down with the heaviness of winter – snow, boots, hats, scarves, mitts… Winter!  It’s only October 7th. Maybe I will feel better after the effects of shovelling wears off.  Maybe it will warm up and autumn can resume for another couple of months.  Maybe.  Maybe.  Maybe.

There!  I have ventilated, letting out my heaviness.  Not exactly long enough to fit in with Julie Cameron’s Morning Pages.  It’s not 3 pages, not even 3 paragraphs of ranting.  I’m getting better, improving, not so long winded before I get going. Now I can concentrate on my glass half full.

Have you ranted?  Give it a try.  Do it any way that works for you.  No one has to know.