I am very much a junkie for self-help stuff of any kind.  I am a walking storehouse of information of how to….You just have to name it – declutter, organize, meditate, be a functional depressive, how to win friends and influence people, blah, blah, blah!

So now I’m reading Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project.  You must know how excited I am to find someone who sounds so much like me, even down to being very near-sighted and that we experience the same anxieties about our vision.  But she is much younger with children and a successful published writer.  I am but a wannabe.  But I am writing.

I am contemplating about my own happiness project, about how I would go about it.  I kind of like Benjamin Franklin’s idea of cultivating his 13 virtues – temperance, silence, order, resolution, frugality, industry, sincerity, justice, moderation, cleanliness, tranquility, chastity, humility.  He would practice each virtue for a week and record his progress.  I am happy to be in the same circle as Ben.  I am proud to be amongst those who think practice makes better.

Who is me and what do I want to do?  I resonate with this picture I saw in FaceBook yesterday.

1001780_558125487559301_88765311_nI would be ecstatic if that is how people see me…weird, random.  Perhaps they do and I am finally coming out to myself!  It is late but  not too late.  I am not behind.  That is the wonderful lesson I’ve learned from the website.  You are not behind.  Start where you are.  Here seems like a good place to start to be happy.  Now sounds like the perfect time.  If virtues are good enough for Benjamin Franklin, they’re good enough for me.  Order is on top of the list along with silence and tranquility.  I am already frugal and maybe too resolute.  I see that moderation is in the mix.  The only thing I am not too sure about is chastity.  Heh, heh!