FIRE WITHIN – AugustMoon Day 12

fireWhen I hear the words ‘lit up from within’ what immediately comes to mind is a fire eater.  I wonder if that is where the term ‘fire in the belly’ comes from.  You would certainly be lit up.  And if you walk on fire, you’ll be dancing as well.

I am not an exuberant type of a gal.  I am not comfortable displaying joy, elation – my fireworks.  Neither am I a good dancer, a fire walker or eater.  But what lights me from the inside out are words and pictures. Words paint pictures and pictures talk to me in words.  I love your pictures and words as well as my own.  Together they allow us to know each other a little better.  They can speak across the room, the street, towns….oceans.

Even though I am a reserved person, the magic of words and pictures can ignite a fire within, bring a grin to my face.  I might even kick up my heels in delight.  One can never tell.


IMG_3064 (1)Writing from the woods on this second last day of August, I am lit up within, finding my words and pictures.  Sending thanks to the Universe and my readers.  Gratitude to Alana Lawson of for this writing forum of August Moon 2015.