Some days life is damn hard.  You just want to lay down,  even amid your own dirt and grime.  You don’t want to lift your head off the floor.  It is on those days when I feel I can’t, I DO.

I do any little thing that I can .

  • lift my head off the floor
  • take a single step
  • make the bed
  • make a cup of tea
  • write a word, a sentence, a paragraph
  • put in a load of dishes, laundry
  • pick up something off the floor besides myself
  • sit on the deck, sweep the deck
  • pull out last year’s tomato plant(s)
  • put in pickets around flower bed to keep Sheba out
  • take Sheba for a walk
  • yoga. qigong
  • file one thing

These days have been hard.  It does not matter for what reasons.  But one thing for sure is that they will pass and in the meantime, you still have to do, whatever you can, however you can.  Cause you want to be ready to rock and roll when you come out of the ‘some’ days.