IMG_6262My live-in has a passion for building new things out of old and has given a whole new meaning to recycle.  He feels he has a mission to rescue discarded bikes out of landfills, back alleys and wherever else they might be.  It explains why our backyard looks like this at times.

Some he revitalizes, retunes and re-tweaks.  Others becomes parts and they end up looking like this:

We had fun for a couple of years with the Sunshine Cruiser and made use of the Cargo shopping for groceries.  They have found new homes since.  We are happy that they and their young children are enjoying the bikes.  There are still many parts for more building!

IMG_9646_2His latest project is Lemon and Grapes with a custom paint job.




Sometimes when we are troubled and feeling all alone, it is good to step out of our comfort zone and step into the world.  We might see that we are not so different, so alone.

We would see that we all have our fears.  We all have dragons to slay, moats to cross and dreams to realize.  It is hard to lay oneself open, to be vulnerable, to be afraid.  But despite all this, you can still make a move towards where you want to go.

So I have slain one of my many dragons…..fear of falling off my bike.  I grabbed it by the throat and that fear is down.  But I do know that it can always rise again.  I do know that.  That is what keeps me humble, my arrogance in check.  But for now I can enjoy the ride and share this video of others’ similar experience.  I hope that you will enjoy the ride.



The karaganas are blooming in the park.  I wish that I had a camera but I do not so I just enjoy their beauty and fragrance and store the moment in my memory.  I will capture their digital essence another time.  Sometimes you have to give up one thing to have another.  Such is life.

The other evening, I went riding with my little biking class.  Can I say that I did awesome….for a total distance of 20 k’s?  Well, I did have one little wobble which ended up being a big, big wobble – and I came tumbling down the Jill but without Jack. But I got up and dusted myself off and got back on my ‘horse’.  Jack had to help me get up and untangle the chains.

I am a little bruised and stiff but none the worse for wear.  And the first wobble is the worst.  Now that I have experienced the worst wobble, I can get on and push off with confidence.  It’s what I tell myself anyways,  even though in my heart, I will always feel the beginning of fear at the beginning of that first little wobble before I pedal off into the sunset.

It is good that I feel that little trepidation.  It means I am alive and human.  I can feel that excitement of uncertainty.  What is life if there are no wobbles, no uncertainty?  Where would the challenge be?  So I am happy to say that my life is full of wobbles and challenges.  But everything is copasetic.  And perhaps one day I can sit astride my bike with ease and confidence.  THAT would be very copasetic indeed!

Bike 6