January 1, 2023. A brand spanking new year, a new day and a blank page. I’m hoping to fill the page with ease and interest. This month I am writing a post a day for the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I’ve been doing it for quite a few years now. It’s useful to keep me on track and accountable. It always help to have the comradeship and encouragement of other bloggers and participants. Then we have our digital maestro, Paul Taubman to lead us. It’s as close to being in a children’s camp as I can get. Growing up, I’ve always envied the kids that had the opportunity of going to summer camp. I never did. Now I have a whole 31 days of it with no mosquitoes or poison ivy. Yippee!

My goals for this round of the challenge are the same as other times. And that is to show up every day with a post and to have fun. I don’t have a business to promote. I write for the pure pleasure of using words and photos. I see pictures in words and photos tell me a story. Recently I’ve upgraded my WordPress account in order to have a larger media library. This gives me occasion to play around with that and other new features that comes with my new plan. I hope this month will enhance my expressiveness with words and photos.

It is now getting into the late afternoon. My flair and enthusiasm for words are waning. We had dim sum with family followed by an afternoon ski, followed by a game of Chinese chess. They all eat up energy. I’m a bit tired but it was wonderful to be out and about. It’s wonderful to be able to bring my parents out for a meal. It was too bad that there was none of their friends at that restaurant. But we enjoyed what we can and had. We couldn’t have asked for a better day. It was beautifully sunny and warm.

Photo by Yeung Gento Tochtli on Pexels.com


IMG_39192015 is over. We are into the second day of 2016. There has been no big bang.  No celebration.  None that I’ve felt nor seen anyways. It’s disappointing in a way but it’s all good.  It’s a slow comfortable ease from the old into the new. Let me celebrate it now with my words and pictures.  Let me draw back the curtain and close the door. Let there be no distractions while I sit in the STILLNESS of last year’s word and think about the ORDER I want in the coming year.

IMG_3925My tea is made.  I am ready to sit in silence and look backyards to what I have left behind.  It is peaceful here looking out to what was. What was fell short of my intentions of stillness.  It happens.  Shit and failure can happen.  I see that now. I am not that powerful.  I am not in control of the Universe.  I cannot wave my magic wand and make VOILA! happen.  I can’t even tell you a good fairy tale.


IMG_3930What I can tell you is that the stillness I intended and longed for is here within me now.  In this moment as I am tapping out my words, I feel its presence within.  I look up and I can feel my ancestors looking down on me.  I hear a whisper.  ‘Be still and you will find order in your life.’