It’s Wednesday. Sunny. Calm. I’m making lunch and trying to tap out a few words. I have a sense of being ‘stuck’. So I thought I better not skip on my aerobics class this morning. I counted down 5,4,3,2,1 and away I went only to be thwarted by no place to park. To avoid being completely pissed off by circling and circling, hoping someone would leave, I left. I saved myself from a bad mood.

So here I am, instead, tapping myself into mindfulness. I’m making sticky rice the fast way with no soaking, in my Instant Pot. I will tell you in a few minutes how it turns out.

The sticky rice turned out wonderfully sticky and delicious. A few hours have passed since then. I’ve just returned from The President’s Lecture Series: Saskatchewan’s Indigenous People. This week’s speaker was Dr. Keith Carlson on “Settler-Indigenous Relations”. He was a very interesting, exciting though fast speaker. I couldn’t catch up to what he was saying at times. But he certainly had material as compared to the previous week’s lecturer. Not all professors are the same. Some are better than others.

Not all days are equal. Somehow today feels like a lost day. I cannot argue a case or win a tug of war. I better just save my energy for another day.