November 27, 2018  8:51 am

Mornings soothes or rubs. This morning it is the latter. It is wise advice not to go to bed irritated. It is easier said than done though. I’m trying to soothe myself with another cup of tea. I’m trying to erase my self irritation by leaving them on the page. I hate getting caught unawares by some unseen and unknown cyber troll. I’m trying not to dwell on the reasons why people do things like that – for monetary gains or the pleasure of disturbing my sleep.

Beware of strange emails. The senders of such understand human nature very well – our innate curiosity, the need to understand and frustration of not understanding and the inability of opening an attachment. Well, it was late in the evening. I did a million clicks on it. I hope I did no harm to my computer. I have an Apple after all. That is my small comfort. I have confirmed that the email was spam and not from Fedex. My package will not be sent back to the shipper.

I think I need a cup of coffee now and to do another embroidery on my Bernina. It’s better than gnashing my teeth. But I better do some qigong to rid some bad thoughts and energy.

November 28, 2018  1:35pm

It is snowing gently. It is a soothing kind of afternoon. I’m glad. Yesterday rubbed me all day long. I’m ready for some flow and relaxation. I’m happy to sit here with my decaf and mumble on my keyboard. My body is feeling the fatigue of a good workout at our step aerobics class this morning. It’s good for keeping my stress and cortisol levels low. It helps for a good night’s sleep. It’s healthy self-love.

What do you do for self-love? I have to keep reminding myself what is good and what is harmful. I’m listening better now. I’m resisting the urges of the instant gratification of blowing steam, choice words and actions. Much better to count to 10 to myself and wait a second or two. I’m surprised at how fast I CAN turn around, feel and do different and better.

It is almost 2 pm. I have a bit of time to set up another embroidery motif for my table cloth. I am getting intimate with my Bernina. We’re past the coffee stage at last. Well, it will be a year since I bought it home.

4 thoughts on “A CUP OF SELF-LOVE

  1. I love the image of the snow outside your window. I am sitting on my verandah at 9.18am, luxuriating in the cool breeze that is blowing. It is too hot to stay inside. As always, you express your thoughts in such a beautiful and coherent way that it is a pleasure to read. The photos of your embroidery are a bonus. I find sewing a great way to de-stress but my sewing is at the very basic level. Lately I have indulged in converting old skirts into something a little more modern. I like that I can use the hems that are already there, and with a few cuts and a seam or two, I have a new skirt. I think the environment will be pleased as well – less manufacturing than buying a new one.

    1. Thanks Maureen. Our seasons are the opposite. It warms me just picturing you sitting on the verandah. I haven’t done sewing for a long time. I used to sew just clothes. My embroidery is a new thing. It took me almost a year after I got my new machine to get going. I’m using my old stash of material I’ve collected over the years. I have a stash of yarns, too.


  2. Your embroidery is beautiful!!! I’m swimming now and like you many days just want to roll over and be a couch potato! There are days I just can’t get going. I am loving it once I get into the pool. Since I’ve been swimming my blood sugars are near normal so I have to keep it up😉 I get that fedex garbage mail all the time not to mention all the Robo Calls!! My patience is running thin!!!!

    1. Thanks Terry. I swim every Saturday morning. I’m almost quarantined a lane to myself. It’s a good incentive to go. Still Friday evening I think about how nice it would be to stay at home. When I get up to go to the bathroom I think about not going. Somehow I make myself and it’s always feel so wonderful when I get there. My sinuses somehow don’t like it if I go more often. So I do aerobics 3x/wk. I’m glad you are enjoying your swimming.
      The Fedex caught me at exactly when I was expecting a package. I wish most people would get a like. My partner got scammed a couple of times thru emails. Had his savings account cleaned out and things charged on his account. Good thing they were covered by bank and credit card insurance.


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