January 26. The Ultimate Blog Challenge.

It’s a bit disconcerting to wake up to above 0 temperature in January.

January 27. The Ultimate Blog Challenge.

As you can see, I was too challenged to write much of anything yesterday. It is a different day altogether today. For one thing the weather has turned colder. The highs will be in the minus double digits for the next week. That is if things go along as predicted. I am focused on the weather for a good reason. I am sensitive to its changes. I find it helpful to write about it. I, then, will have a written record of how and when it casts its spell over me. It will aid me in adjusting and making changes to live a more easeful life.

I had difficulty sleeping the night before probably due to the change of above warm temperature turning cold overnight. I probably had about 4-5 hours of sleep. I was tired, feeling unwell and unfocused all day. I could do most activities of daily living but thinking and writing – forget that. It was impossible. I felt other worldly, detached and not myself. It could be that I am making excuses for my shortcomings. But it is illuminating how much lack of sleep can affect me. And to think that I was sleep deprived during most of my working life as a nurse. Scary thought, though. I hope I was a good nurse making sharp correct observations and decisions.

January 28. The Ultimate Blog Challenge.

It’s a Saturday morning coming down, waking up to -25℃. Holy cow! Two mornings ago, it was above 0. It’s no wonder I had a troubled sleep. Here I go again with the weather, eh. I went to bed sleepy but as soon as I hit the mattress, sleep escaped me. I became restless and tense. My throat dried up, my sinus dripped and I started coughing. It was no way to be. I got up, used my Nasonex, took a tylenol and willed myself to relax and hopeful to sleep. Eventually I did – for a short period until nature called. It took another long period before I got back to sleep.

I do not feel too bad this morning for lack of sleep. Instead of tired, I’m a bit wired. It’s not good energy to write anything profound but it’s good just to record things as they are. I’m annoyed that I have to go through these phases. So much time is wasted. Maybe it is what I need – this time to process, recalculate and reset. Sometimes I have to come to a standstill and look at things from a different perspective. It is only in the quiet and stillness that my body and soul can find their way back to ease. It is just there near that dip in the road and over the horizon. I am so close.

8 thoughts on “PERSPECTIVES

  1. I understand the challenges of being sleep deprived and of being far too cold. As a journalist, I have tight deadlines, and so there is this sleep deprivation. Once I’ve finished writing my articles, I’m really happy. But, when it’s time to write the blog post, I’m all written out. I have nothing more to say, and my bed is so inviting. Another day.

    And then there’s this cold thing. It feels better today, being exactly 0 degrees C, with no wind. I truly enjoyed being outside. That’s not always true here.

    1. We have the sun back but very windy and cold from balmy temps only 2 days ago. I’m glad I don’t have deadlines and must anymore. 🙂

  2. January / winter is a good time to *pause* when we feel the need! I take magnesium before bed (as a massage therapist, it’s likely my favorite mineral!) and usually that helps me sleep!
    Enjoy your day – spared to get cold here in Oregon as well!

  3. I can agree — those little things that bother or frustrate us are no doubt meant to make us look at things differently and from another perspective. And maybe slow down a little. 🙂

  4. Sounds like you need to take a break and rest. I like how you mentioned about righting your feelings in your blog to track them. That’s aoea what I do with my blogs so I have like a diary of the events. Hope you wake up feelibg fantastic!

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