January 25. The Ultimate Blog Challenge.

So we are in the last week of January. I have lost alot of wind in my sails. Now I have to work on finishing. I hope I got enough gas in my tank. I think of my blogger friend, Minna Packer over at Suddenly Mad, now and again. She hasn’t written anything since May 22, 2021. I miss her but I do not know what it is that I wish for her. She has early-onset alzheimer. She was at a stage where her gait and speech were affected. She was teaching art at a New York university. She had to give that up. Life was getting harder and harder. But she could still write and draw. Her posts were getting less and less frequent. Then her husband got lung cancer. She was still writing and drawing through it – long awesome posts and beautiful drawings. Then nothing after May 2021.

What I wish is that she is in a good place, that she is at peace, not struggling and not suffering. She is not forgotten to me. I visit her words now and again. She is still a teacher, teaching me about life, strength, resilience and art. I am encouraged and inspired by her to work a little harder in finding my words and finish what I had started. I had not met her but have exchanged a few words a few times. I know her only through her stories. They are powerful. That is what I wish for myself, that ability to stir another with my stories and art. I hope my words are meaningful. I hope my stories can entertain and help someone. My words and art give me comfort and sometimes I can tap and paint a little hope when I am feeling dark. What tools do you have?

11 thoughts on “STILL HERE

  1. Hi Lilly,
    Glad you are still here, influencing us and sharing your paintings and sharing your thoughts and feelings with us.
    You ask about tools. I have always been a collector of tools. I like to learn how to use them. Some of those tools are computer programs or apps as people like to call them mow.
    For my sharing, the tools I use are my cameras and my computers with the assortment of software tools for editing, storing, and sharing my experiences and observations.
    Let’s continue to Blog on!

    1. Hey, thanks Doug. Let’s do blog on. I’m don’t relish learning some of the tools you mention. I want to use them right away which is impossible. I have to learn to be patient and go thru the steps. That’s another challenge – for the next round maybe.

      1. Maybe it is like learning to play the piano. It is easier if you get some enjoyment out of it and you can see some improvement and notice you are learning little by little. I learn as I go, only the things I need to fo what I want to do.

  2. We connect with each other in ways that are not always apparent. I hope this blogger friend reads your blog and finds comfort in knowing that her story touched you so deeply.

    When I read your blog I feel the same way. I don’t know you personally but I feel like I know you through your stories and touching art pieces.

  3. A beautiful and touching post about your blogger friend. A cruel and sadly long journey for those with dementia, one I can attest to with a Dad who suffered 11 years and now a Mom close to 15 years. I use all my art tools, paints and paper and brushes along with prayer, imagination and determined to ward off the fear of the possibility of me next. Keep on writing and painting….you do make a difference Lily.

    1. Thanks, Terry. So sorry that it affected both your parents. I’m enjoying my drawing class. I’m getting excited with creating again. I’m starting to connect a bit in the art community.

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