January 29. The Ultimate Blog Challenge.

I had a lovely sleep last night and woke to a typical cold, -27℃ sunny January morning. Not too many of these left – the typical or the January. I’m feeling a bit of nostalgia for the old and familiar. Yesterday, Sheba’s photo popped up on Facebook from memories of 5 years ago. It was enough for my eyes to mist and my heart ache with missing her. It is not a bad thing, remembering love of my precious puppy. No matter how old she was, she’s always my puppy girl. I feel lucky that I have known such love.

Then in the evening, we watched Hanover Street with Harrison Ford, Christopher Plummer and Lesley-Anne Down. It was a movie made in 1979, a movie starting with the credits and ending with THE END. Surprising to see Harrison Ford and Christopher Plummer looking so young and lithesome. The romance was romantic with no raw eroticism. They left something for our imagination. The heroes were heroes to the end. It was so refreshing to escape from our present madness for just awhile.

Now I’m back to my real world. I hope I can get real enough to tend to my housekeeping chores after I’m finished here. I’ve been procrastinating and evading. I’m ending up with more boxes of ‘stuff’ because I don’t know what else to do with them. Every night I plan to deal with them in the morning. Every morning I feel overwhelmed looking at the mess of them. There is no good time and no good way to do it. No use checking out ‘how tos’ or Marie Kondo. I just have to DO it. Wish me luck. I cleaned out one storage unit of art supplies yesterday. Yay!

8 thoughts on “NOSTALGIA

  1. I was thinking of my pup yesterday as my grandson and I returned from our walk! Gracie chihuahua was 15 when she died last autumn – and still my pup, too!
    I can so relate to the inertia and putting off of chores – with most of the family away for the weekend, Z and I are doing double duty!!
    Check out my post on using salt as you’re clearing – simple as it is, it really helped a I downsized for my move!!

    1. No. This was at the lake. My partner had a lake lot and was building a gazebo. Sheba was looking at a squirrel, wondering how she could get it.

  2. The doggy is beautiful and chores are never fun. But thank the LORD my house is clean because my son had a friend over and I had them help clean and cook dinner so we could eat together as a family. Allowing me to get to know my son’s friend. As for storage I have 2 units I need to clean out so I will wish you luck if you wish me luck as well. Have a good week as we wrap up this month’s #UBC. I hope to see you next time it happens.

  3. Lily, what a joy that you had that dog friend for a time in your life. The pileups– I now think most people have them. They just don’t invite us over while things are piled up. All the best with your clearing!

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