January 11, day 11 of the Ultimate Blog challenge. I wonder how I am going to write this post. I feel as if I can’t even work myself out of a wet paper bag. I did go for my ski, though I can’t remember how I got there and back. It wasn’t a great outing. I had a fall trying to sly down the slope. My legs and butt got a head start. I forgot to bring the rest along. Down I went! I haven’t fallen much at all this year. It was hard to get up. I’ve forgotten how without practice. I ended up taking one ski off. Practice does make for better.

So here I sit, fingers on the keyboard. My desk is crowded and full of paper clutter again. It adds to my can’t-get-out-of-wet-paper-bag feeling. At least I am at peace with it at this moment. I was not so this morning, digging through the piles and boxes for art supplies. They are not in one place but scattered here, there and everywhere. My head was in a spin. I want to throw up my hands and give up, but the Introduction to Watercolours is starting Saturday. I need to focus and see if I have all the material on the check list.

If I hadn’t chosen the word FOCUS for my year, I probably wouldn’t have stayed with the hunt. I probably would have left it till the night before and then get into a frantic mad search. I felt frenzied but I don’t think I was frantic. I slowed down, went up and down the stairs a few times, pulling out various drawers. I found things I’ve forgotten I bought. I found art that I have forgotten I made. I have a lot of supplies. I made a lot of art. Parts of my forgotten self stared back at me. They made me feel good.

Life is messy. I am messy. I’ve gathered up my material. I am short of just one or two things. I’ve got it under control. This is no time for me to be Wonder Woman and whip all my clutter in shape. I feel like a wet noodle. It is sagging time. I can just let it all hang out. Tomorrow is another day. Tomorrow I can regroup, refocus and get back into the track.

6 thoughts on “SEEK AND YOU SHALL FIND

  1. Hope you didn’t injure yourself in your mishap Lily! Sometimes we just have to get up, brush ourselves off and keep going. Sounds like that’s just what you did. I love your art!

    1. Thank you, Martha. It was just a small fall. Just my pride was hurt. Couldn’t get up with both skis on. Had to take one off and then had trouble getting it back on. 😀

  2. Lily, breathe!
    You’ve got this! I’m clapping for the fact that you got your art material out ahead in time!
    Sorry you fell, hope you’re not injured.
    Love the “Mom and Me” painting 🙂

    1. Thank you, Tamara. Yeah, got stuff together. Practiced double masking to see if I can tolerate it for class. Actually a surgical mask under my cloth mask was quite comfortable. No injuries sustained on the trail. ⛷

  3. I am so sorry you feel but it’s nice to see you hear and to know you’re going to try again tomorrow. I think Skying would be fun but were we live there isn’t anywhere to Ski at.

  4. I hope everything is ok after your fall.
    Do not be too hard on yourself! There is a time and space to do things. When you feel like wet noodles it’s your body telling you it is time to take it slow, rest and regroup. I think you did a good choice not to overdo things, even if sometimes it is possible to feel the “push” to set everything straight despite not feeling in top shape.

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