January 9 and day 9 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. Today I gave into my fatigue and gave myself a break from my ski in the park. I don’t do it often. I am rather obsessive that way, staying on the track, not missing any days. But enough is enough. Sometimes it is good and necessary to step off the merry-go-round, look and reassess. It is the rightful thing to do. I need a rest, some TLC.

Funny how the Universe knows what I need. While I was drawing hot water for a nice long soak, I rediscovered Cheryl Richardson’s audio book The Art of Extreme Self-Care. It’s telling me something. I didn’t have to look far to find it. It’s right on my iPhone. It also reminds me that I already have many resources. I don’t need to search for more. What I need to do is to USE them. I have good reasons to choose FOCUS as my word of the year.

January 10, day 10 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I lost my focus or rather I saw what was more important. I needed a break/rest more than to finish my post yesterday. I’m feeling more rested physically. I am not so sure about mentally. We watched the movie, Bird Box (2018) starring Sandra Bullock on Netflix last night. It’s a science fiction movie of a post apocalyptic world. It feels quite similar to our present world. Whereas in the movie the people will die if they look at the monster. The people had to blindfold themselves. In our world, we will die if we breathe in our monster and we have to mask ourselves. You will have to watch the movie yourself. It might not resonate with you. Maybe you won’t see the similarities.

I have felt the weirdness of living in a sci-fi world before this. Now it is all the more eerie for me. There’s a lot of strange things and people out there/here. It emphasizes that I need to focus more on my boundaries and not let them infect my mental and physical health. I have to keep up with my routines of daily living. Tapping here gives me relief from thoughts trapped in my head. Stepping back on the ski trails will release tension in my physical body. The sun is out and it is WARM.

8 thoughts on “STOP, LOOK, SEE, ANALYZE

  1. WOW that sounds like a very interesting movie. Hubby loves SiFi movies, I’ll have to find the Bird Box! I know what your talking about with fatigue, I’m still trying to climb out of mine but with focus we can both make it! Hugs and stay warm!

      1. Have you seen “Don’t Look Up” and “Pretend It’s A City” on Netflix? Also Ted Lasso on Apple TV Plus is a must see.

        Like you, I have tons of programs on my iPhone, some I routinely use, some I forgot about! Must not be the time for some of it.

  2. Thank you so much for the suggestion on The Art of Extreme Self Care. I’m definitely going to look into it this evening as I engage in some self care. LOL Good for you for listening to your body. It tells you want you need – we just need to pay attention.

  3. Good for you to take a break and focus on what your mind and body needed.
    I did a similar thing and went to bed at 8pm.
    Remember – Let nothing disturb you!

  4. The movie sounds interesting, and I am glad you took some time for yourself. Which I also need to do as I am starting to feel overwhelmed and burned out. I find myself snapping at people which I shouldn’t do. But the more people I love are contacting Covid and losing their lives the more frustrated I am getting.

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