January 8, Day 8 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. This is the first time I got the month right. I wonder if senility has crept in or, am I suffering the ill effects of the VACCINE. If my fellow blogger, Tamara hadn’t pointed it out to me, it would still be February for me. It might dawn on me by the 30th that I got the month wrong. I will go back later to make all the corrections. I have to focus on this post right now.

It does feel like February already. We’ve had long spells of cold and snow early and frequent. It was a struggle yesterday and today having to break new ski trails. It was no walk or ski in the park. It was hard work. There was no slip sliding away. It was more like heavy trudging. At least today was not cloudy and blowing snow like yesterday. The tracks we made were quickly blown over. Three laps around felt like forever. I huffed and puffed through each and every one. The exercise still felt good though. Hot coffee and Swedish thin bread with salsa when we got home made it all worthwhile.

The day is almost done. I have no more left in me to share. Tomorrow looks like another cold day. They could hold the snow for awhile though. Good night all.

6 thoughts on “NO WALK IN THE PARK

    1. Thank you. Tamara. It is interesting to know that it is called Wasa bread. My partner made it and he’s Scottish. He inherited the rolling pin and slab of iron from his mother and she is a Brit.

  1. that bread looks interesting and something I would love to try to make.. and hope you are all recovered from the effects of the vaccine by now

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