January 13, I’m writing for day 12 and 13 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I love these lines from

  • You are not behind! (forgive everything lost in the past).
  • I don’t want you to try to catch up; (it’s impossible to change the past).
  • I just want you to jump in where we are. (TODAY is all there is; be present).
  • O.K. (make the conscious choice to say yes to life right now, just as it is).

This sounds like good advice, advice I can heed and do. I had subscribed to FlyLady a long time ago. I had many tips dropped into my email. They worked great guns in the beginning. Then they stopped working. It wasn’t that they weren’t any good. It was because after the initial excitement, I stopped the doing. I read the emails for awhile. Then I stopped doing that. The emails just piled up in my inbox. What I’ve learned from all that is there is no magic and no shortcuts. I can be full of wisdom and all kinds of knowledge on the hows and whys. BUT if I don’t move and put them into use, nothing happens, nothing gets thrown out, nothing gets done and the piles grow.

I finally wised up. I finally took a look at some things that are not working up to par. Why is my Roomba so slow? Is the battery past its best due date? Is it hard to change? The answer is yes, the battery needs changing. No, it was not hard at all. Open battery compartment, take out old battery, and drop new one in. No wiring required! I got the battery from Amazon for $30 some Canadian. It was the easiest option. It took just a few days for it to come and now Roomba is zooming around the floors lickety split, sucking up dust and whatnot. It makes life a little easier but Roomba does not self empty, clean or maintain. I have to do that plus move furniture around.

No, I’m not behind. I’m jumping in where I had left off. My internal battery got a boost, too. I still have my piles, but the floors are pretty cleared. My orchids got a repotting and water treatment. They’re sitting pretty now, rooted in their pots.


  1. We are like machines, when batteries run low, they need recharging. We need to do the same, take time to recharge. Sometimes it takes us a little longer to complete, but we are not behind! Hugs Lily!

  2. I love Flylady! I subscribed to her back in 2001 or 2002 to get me organized. It was easier with emails back then — no social media for distraction! Keep going and jumping in where you can — it will make a big difference!

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