Life is hard

Day 18 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I am suffering a little winter and what-have-you fatigue. The only music in my head today is “the day the music died“. It’s a line from Don McLean’s song Miss American Pie. The song is about the day Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and J. P. Richardson died in a plane crash on Feb. 3, 1959. It’s an interesting story and a fascinating song. I still have the LP American Pie. On this November day, it reminded me of the day JFK was assassinated. We will never know the truths of the assassination or the song.

I’m not exactly a cheerful bunny today, am I? It’s probably a hangover from yesterdays’s grumpiness not helped with the bad world news creeping in. Today I recognized it as a seasonal-affective-disorder sign and that I should take it easy. Every little thing could be that straw that broke the camel’s back and blast me into outer space. It’s taken me this long to wisen up. When the guy said he was going skiing this morning, I said I’m not. Even though I got all new ski equipment and snow pants, my mind and body wasn’t all that excited. It’s good to have some slow and alone time.

Days like this are so taxing. I’m very very slow today. I must need it and so I listened to my body and mind. I read a romance novel this morning and heated a frozen pizza for lunch. Makes doing dishes easy – 2 plates, 2 forks and knives into the dishwasher. Just a pizza pan to wash by hand. Easy is good once in awhile. I don’t have to be Wonder Woman every day. Not to lose the whole day to idleness, I coaxed myself downstairs to finish shortening my snow pants. It was agonizing at first but once started, I had to finish, right? It is finished and now I can say, it wasn’t so hard after all. And my butt will be warm once I do get out skiing.

7 thoughts on “NOT SO HARD AFTER ALL

  1. Lily, you raise such great points today. I had chemo yesterday, felt peppy through the afternoon and did many things, then flat. So you’re not the only one wanting to just Take It Easy. I got a special light for SAD but haven’t used it yet. Do you use one? Glad you got some quiet time!

  2. Yes to taking it easy once in a while..and to bein warm when out skiing..
    .. and I totally understand that point about finishing up some tasks because we started it.. (Note that I am not like that about every thing – tons of unfinished projects are proof of that; but there are some things that take me forever to get started, but when I do, I finish them well)…

  3. There’s a lot of bad news out there. My heart goes out to Canadians who are affected by fires and floodings. How devastating! A friend’s RV business burnt down 😦
    Our neighbor country Austria, due do their alarming numbers of Covid cases not only announced another hard lockdown (even for vaccinated people) but a vaccine mandate as of next year. Germany may be next.
    Sometimes staying home and curling up is the best you can do. You didn’t mention having coffee and cake. You did have both, right? If not, you *must* catch up on this important element of a dull winter day.
    Congrats on your sewing job. The struggle is real for us petite ladies, isn’t it.

    1. Thank you, Tamara. I didn’t have cake but sourdough toast with peanut butter and jam. Hope you are having a good weekend. We need to shut down the news some days.

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