It’s day 19 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I am not sure I’m up to it. Life is heavy. So many weighty things. On the Covid front, the death of a 36 year old woman from Yorkton at home. The whole family tested positive – 41 year old husband and 6 kids. How could that be that they didn’t know they could go to the hospital? A strange and troubling story. The state of emergency caused by flooding in British Columbia. No climate change, eh? Then to top it off, I read the story of Kyle Rittenhouse’s not guilty verdict. This is the world we’re living in today. Is there hope? What can I do?

I can not give in to despair. I can not add to the negativity. What I did was taking time out. I did not finish this post yesterday. I left and emptied my head and mind of more news and thoughts. Sometimes I have to do that for self preservation. The movie Downton Abbey, while it wasn’t as good as the series, was a good distraction. I had thoughts of returning to this space after the movie but decided it was not a good idea. Sometimes space is the best remedy.

Now, I’m back to pick up the words. I have no favourite blogs that I follow except Suddenly Mad . It’s Minna Packer’s journey through early onset Alzheimer’s disease. She’s an artist and had taught art in a New York university. We haven’t met but communicated through her blog. I stumbled upon her blog in her later stages of the disease. We both wished we had known each other sooner. Her posts became fewer and further apart. Her last one being on May 22, 2021. I still check her site regularly to see if… I do not know what to hope for her. I’m selfish. I do want to read another post. I’ve learned much from her writing.

What I follow more are YouTube Channels for sustainability living, gardening, permaculture – everything that can improve and help us live better lives. My favourite channel has to be Kirsten Dirksen. Her videos have shown me that there are so many gifted people out there doing amazing things. We have the talent and the know how. Now if we can get a collective desire. One of my favourite is about a homeless man by choice. But perhaps this one I watched this morning is more applicable in showing how we can change our thinking.

5 thoughts on “WHAT CAN I DO?

  1. Oh, Lily, what a grim story about that young mother of six. “The SHA still calls COVID-positive people on day 10 to formally end their period of isolation. Flamont died on day nine.”
    I can’t believe they trusted “information” about not to get vaccinated on Facebook over an official, scientific source. Heartbreaking.

    Free range-kids riding the bus and walking to school by themselves – what may sound unusual for someone in Vancouver, is totally normal in Switzerland.
    Aaron Fletcher, wow, he’s resourceful to say the least!

    I hope you’re having a great Sunday! Try not to watch or read the news 💖

  2. I find the news weighing me down too. The movement towards vigilantism in the U.S. is quite disturbing. The failure to block and hold accountable the gun nuts and the conspiracy spreaders and the white supremacists makes me feel overwhelmed. How can it be reversed?

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