November 21, day 21 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I’m writing for day 20 as well. I’ve missed a day. Instead of struggling to make up, I am doing two in one. It is good enough. It’s my version of the Persian flaw. A Persian flaw is an expression to mean ‘a deliberate mistake’. Apparently originating from this ancient tale that Persian rug makers used to intentionally weave a flaw into each of their carpets because only a god’s creation is supposed to be perfect. I do struggle with a bit of perfectionism. Don’t we all?

There are no greater challenges facing us today than the pandemic and climate change. Yes, we’ve heard all this kind of stuff before. We seem to be slow learners. We can’t seem to take it in or seriously until we are hit over the head with it. Do we take it seriously now? Apparently not for some. There’s still the pandemic deniers and conspiracy theorists. For some, our ‘freedom’ is much more important than our lives. I live close to that someone. He has been hospitalized with Covid and is one of those transported to a hospital down east. There is no news of his outcome. We walk by his house regularly enroute to the park. The blinds are always drawn. The house looks lifeless and forlorn.

Still, his followers and supporters are not voicing any change of hearts or minds. It is very puzzling for me to understand. Why would governments, scientists and the medical community world wide make up all this. What would they gain? Why do people believe Facebook posts, etc. more than legitimate sources? And are there any real information or is everything fake news? It is too much for me to grapple with so I try not to spend too much energy trying to understand or sway anyone. It is not that I am indifferent. It is that I know I am helpless and ineffectual in this arena.

My experience has taught me that I am not good at looking at things from all sides. I see mostly from my own eyes and my own thinking. That has been my big challenge. But I am slowly beginning to change, how to see and think outside my head – to be that fly on the wall. It is difficult to be objective and not take things personally. There’s too much of everything – social media, misinformation, choices and STUFF. My challenge is to quiet down, do less and accomplish more, less criticism and judgement, etc. etc. etc.

My most immediate challenges are getting my plants in from the greenhouse. And then there’s finding places for them all. Much as I like gardening and playing with dirt, I can’t say it was fun. BUT the 3 bougainvilleas are pruned and squished into 1 pot. ‘Cause honestly, where would I find room for 3 big pots? They don’t have to thrive, just stay alive till spring. They and the pots of rosemary, lavender and geraniums are huddled besides me along with my other junk. The ‘junk’ is another challenge for me. Life is just full of them.

5 thoughts on “CHALLENGES and the PANDEMIC

  1. I wonder if there’s any analogy between people and plants.
    What if us human beings are squished into one pot as we don’t have to thrive, just stay alive till spring? Just a silly thought.
    It is truly hard to try and understand opinions that seem so far out, when to us everything seems simple. My coworker likes to say “we don’t have to *understand*, we just have to cope.”

  2. Your statement ‘There’s too much of everything – social media, misinformation, choices and STUFF.’ Is very true and too many politicians with political agendas and not enough concern for the people who voted them into those political positions. We do need less criticism and judgments. We are each responsible for our own choices. We need to let each other be. I do me you do you. It’s all good.

  3. Once a gardener always a gardener! Our bougainvilleas didn’t make it, maybe I should have pruned it! As for your mask, Lia loves the butterflies and yes, we are still wearing masks too.

  4. Lily, my husband’s son nearly died of COVID before there were vaccinations. 11 days on high-pressure oxygen! He’s great now. Maybe your neighbor will recover and be great, too. Yes, the overstimulation of media and social media is too much! I read/watch the headlines and little else. We need to pick our level of stimulation and stay in that comfort zone. The human system wasn’t designed for this. Keep us posted on your plants!

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