It’s Day 17 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge. I’m here to talk about having fun. I’m not sure what kind of conversation we will have. I’m a serious type and not into fun at all, at least not the type most people think of. On top of that, I’m as cranky as can be at the moment. But if we were to have ‘coffee’ together, it would help. That’s the kind of fun I like to have. I’m not into gregarinous, belly laughing, cheer leading type of fun. I don’t like participating in team sports. I hate pickle ball. I could go for bowling but not the competitive team kind of thing. See, I’m no fun at all.

I enjoy solitary pursuits, competing only with myself. What do I mean? Well, I took up swimming at a late age. It was on a list of things I want to do along with riding a bike. I have no natural skills for either. I took Red Cross swimming lessons as a very matured adult. It took me a whole summer to learn to float. I have mastered it, then the front crawl, then swimming one pool length along the edge so that I can grab on at any moment. Now I can swim 20 lengths in an hour. Learning a skill is ‘fun’ to me. Mastering the bicycle was no easy task either. I’m still not at home in the saddle but I’ve ridden up and down some steep streets in Lake Havasu the year we spent a winter month in Arizona. I huffed and puffed on the way up and screamed all the way down. I was proud of myself none the less. I would ride more if there was less traffic. Traffic in my hood is no fun.

I’m feeling more mellow now. The coffee and tapping are helping. Writing agrees with me. It is fun. I love putting words and pictures together. I don’t know which comes first. Maybe both at once. They’re competing with each other. It works for me. Obviously I love having ‘coffee’ and this time together. And I dislike everything about Covid, especially not being together physically for our coffee. I miss my Saturday morning swims and breakfast at A&W afterwards. Everything changes. The good times will come again.

once a week big breakfast

8 thoughts on “WHAT’S FUN, WHAT’S NOT

  1. Lily, you rock! I was stumped when I saw the prompt to talk about fun today. In a year of new widowhood and new cancer, “fun”?? Like you, I’m not a group activities person. But I love gardening, photographing, photographing funny and ironic things, and watching British dramas. Thanks for being uniquely you.

    1. Thank you, Kebba. I love British shows, too. I’m sure I’ve watched all of Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple and Poiro on YouTube. Now I’m into Inspector Wexworth. I hope the chemo is not too taxing. I admire your strength through all your recent changes. It’s a heavy load for sure. Take good care of yourself.

  2. Love this post about fun. I am so grateful for my husband who taught me how important it is to have fun in life. Now I enjoy so much about what I do and I approach more things with a spirit of fun which helps get through some of the drudgery and aloness I’ve felt during Covid. More coffee together and more hugs would be great.

  3. I love our coffee time together. Like you, I don’t find the “exciting” things that people do for fun are fun. I prefer more simple activities like sitting down with a friend, having dinner with family, and sitting in my yard. Even though I prefer the simple life, Covid is really messing with my emotions, mental health and fullness of life. It’s so nice to sit down with to discuss. Thanks, Until we meet again. Caio!

  4. I admire you for challenging yourself! Learning to swim as an adult must be hard, but you did it anyway, good for you!
    Can’t you swim because pools are currently closed due to the pandemic? How about the huge breakfast?
    So glad we get to have virtual coffee for an entire month. It’s very interesting and humbling to get to know you better.

    1. Thank you, Tamara. I gave up my gym membership recently b/c they raised the price. I was only using it for my once a week swim b/c of Covid. So far we haven’t dine out, doing take out only. However, we do have friends over and vice versa. Our province has the worse record for Covid cases and deaths in the country.

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