This little train doesn’t go far from home. I’m a bit of a homebody, enjoying the comfort and ease of not wandering afar. I do feel somewhat lacking when almost everybody wants to escape to somewhere else – Mexico, Cuba, Arizona, Kansas City. And here I am, feeling a bit amiss. I feel as if I should be somewhere else. Everywhere I go, I hear people talking of going south. In the locker room the other day, I heard women talking about air flights and rooms costing only $79 US/night. Should I be going somewhere, anywhere? I really should put those feelings to rest and be comfortable with where and who I am.

The fact is I like being home at my keyboard. I like tapping out my words and thoughts. I love curling up and reading a book. My Bernina sewing machine, my paints and easel and the fireplace have been calling me. If only I could make the time for them. The day goes by so quickly. I wonder why I worry so much about not going somewhere else. I love being home – baking bread, making kimchi, watching Sheba sleep.  Why do I feel my life lacks compared to others? Why am I looking out instead of within?

My wheels are turning. I haven’t found all the answers yet but I have a better awareness of my behaviour and feelings. I have an inkling of my problem and what direction this train should be heading – and it’s toward more light heartedness. I can have fun. Here’s the proof, 39 seconds of hula hoop fun. My goal is 1 minute.




12 thoughts on “OF HEARTH AND HOME

  1. Well done on the hula hoop Lily. I know how you feel about being a homebody. I enjoy traveling but I’m always anxious about leaving home and always ready to get home at the end. But the warm air and sunshine at this time of year is enticing…

    1. Thanks, Karen. It’s balmy here now – 20 C. The cold does make me tire with putting on more layers. It’s harder to move around, turn your head to do a shoulder check, etc. Otherwise, if it’s sunny, I’m happy.


  2. If you are happy doing what you are doing, do not regret the choices you are making. It does not matter what everyone else is doing or saying when you are accountable to yourself for your happiness. Why leave when everything that makes you happy is nearby.
    I like the wisdom of the person who said: “do nothing when nothing works”.

  3. Home is my favorite place. I have just had coffee with my wife while sitting on the porch in the dark listening to the sound of silence. We did move from living in a home in Wisconsin for 25 years, to build a farm in the hills of Mexico but now, six years later the farm is home and I really do not even enjoy going into Puerto Vallarta to shop more than once a week. You are right, a good book, painting or working with beads to make something, cooking at home making foods we really enjoy, that is what life should be all about.

  4. I go back and forth between being totally content in the coziness of home and wonderfully euphoric exploring the world.. and each one in its own time… so like Doug says, do what makes you happy 🙂 and 39 seconds hula hooping is incredible..:)
    and my kids use headphones to block out noises (including me!!:)) often

  5. I’m like you Lily! I don’t need traveling far away, just take me to my kitchen or sewing room and I’m happy! Your bread looks delicious!

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