It’s not a good idea to come to the keyboard at the end of the day. Nevertheless it is what it is. I’m here at the end of the day, tired and a little bluesy. I’m hoping for inspiration and a few worthwhile words. I’m thinking of skipping my Saturday morning swim. But I’ve packed my gear to be ready. There’s really no good reason for me not to go except that I’m feeling a bit maudlin. I get like that from time to time.

I have no good reason for it except that I’m a bit tired. AND I’ve absorbed some bad energy from my Sourdough Bread Baking Group on Facebook. I’m sure you’re scratching your head. How could that be  – from bread? Me, too, I’m scratching, but one comment led to another. You know how those online things could get. Out of control! So I turned off the notifications till the sourness is neutralized somehow. It seems I don’t have much protection against such energy. I have to build stronger walls.

Our exercise class this morning was a stations circuit workout. Our instructor set up different exercise ‘stations’ in the gym. We spend one minute doing an exercise. At the end of the minute, the instructor calls out ‘Change station!’ We move on to the next station and a different workout, and so on and on till the end. It’s a good system to ensure a well rounded workout. I think I could use this model of changing stations in my every day life.

I need to hear that signal that it is time to change my train of thought or emotions. Stop dwelling on things that doesn’t work. I could do anything that can interrupt or derail the train of thought or emotion. Whatever works – hula hoop, play with Sheba, plant some seeds, watch a video. Last January I made this video using CLIPS on my iphone. Watching it again now lifted my maudlin self. I want to go swimming in the morning. So ends day 17 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

6 thoughts on “CHANGING STATIONS

  1. Hang in there Lily. I think the daily post for the UBC is just a mite too stressful when you have other tasks or duties. I love the photo of the historical station. Take time to do nothing.

    1. Thank you, Di. Yea, I’m getting a bit tired. I always have something to do – especially when I’m retired. I did more nothings when I was working. Drat!

  2. Well at the end of it all it seems like the blog challenge has lifted your spirits and you have confirmed to your self that you are going swimming in the morning because you really enjoy it and since you have made up your mind, you will not have to make that decision again in the morning. Done.!

    1. It’s been a good morning, Doug. Done the swim. Not as many people going south this year. All the lanes were used. Last winter I had the pool to myself Saturday mornings.

  3. Well there’s the ADHD that I suspect I have. I read the words and loved them, but was totally in awe of the video! How did you do that? All those great little animations superimposed over the real thing were great!
    I’m sitting here at 11pm with the doors open (praying for a breeze) and the fan whirring above me. At least it isn’t as humid as it has been. But to see the snow in your video made me feel cooler.
    I haven’t used videos since my teaching days but I’m now challenging myself to play around with it. Or at least take lessons on how to do it.
    Loved it, Lily, as always…

    1. Thanks, Maureen. I used the Clips app on my phone. I did a bunch of videos because it was a new toy. I haven’t done any more since. Our weather is just the opposite. It’s warmed up the last couple of days. It’s -22C with snow now but the sun is shining.

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