Dang! It’s late afternoon already. Where did the day go? I’m repeating myself again but what else can I do? I had high hopes of ‘time to myself’, some time to bask in nothingness. That got dashed but I can’t really tell you what I’ve done with my day besides fretting. I would be so much happier if I could have control of what other people do. If only they could respond the way of my heart. They don’t.

Not to be totally negative, I had a lovely morning swim. I’m never tickled to be heading out in the cold and dark. But when I’m in the car heading down the back alley, I feel peace and calm settling around me. It’s as if I’m wrapped in that warm grey blanket. I’m leaving while the rest of the world slumbers. No matter how irritible and cranky I may feel now, my brain is soothed by that picture. There really is nothing that I must do or places that I have to be.

I’ll just linger and rest here for a little while. It’s good to slow my thoughts and let things sit. It’s difficult to be true to myself whilst being distracted by everything and anything. I have to turn off the noise and listen to the quiet. To ease my way out of this 18th day of the UBC, I leave you with My Blue Skies slide show. I made this video when I started going to the Sutherland Beach Park with Sheba. She was a young lass then. It was the first time I started looking up and noticed how blue the sky. Imagine that!

9 thoughts on “BEING TRUE TO MYSELF

  1. I understand this completely. I get up each morning at 4 a.m. while the others are sleeping. I sit outside enjoying the night sky and listening to the sound of silence. I meditate to calm my mind for a while before the others are up and their day merges into mine. If we are not careful the days can drift by way to fast. Enjoy your moments when you can catch them for they are fleeting.

  2. You do amazingly well at putting your feelings into words. Thank you so much. I really felt as if I was there with you today. I hope that you see lots more blue skies!

  3. Lily…I always love peeking a little into your life. What a beautiful place you live in. The snow covered trees against the perfect blue sky…how serene. Thanks for sharing.

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