It is April 1, a grey, dismal and depressing day.  I’m not the first to say it.  Someone beat me to it on Facebook.  I hate to be the first to rain on the parade but today would be the kind of day that I could easily cave into my ‘the heck with its’.

I could have easily eaten a platter of fried eggs on toast.  It would have been so comforting. It would have eased that generalized sense of discomfort, grumpiness arising from the pit of stomach – that sense of restlessness, dissatisfaction.  But I stuck with my one egg on one toast, topped with a fried sliced tomato.  It looked lonely on my plate.  It sufficed my hunger if not my disposition.

My morning view - promise of summer ahead. #aprillove2015
My morning view – promise of summer ahead. #aprillove2015

How does one move on with the day when clouds hang really and metaphorically over one’s head?  It’s good thing I had already signed up for a few challenges though today is the least likely time for them.  At least I don’t have to rack my brain for ideas and inspirations.  Now is not the time for brainstorming or brain surgery.  Following through is much easier.  It does not take much thinking or skill to aim the iPhone camera out of window and post the photo.  This is for Susannah Conway’s April love photo challenge.  It’s simple and quick, giving me a sense of accomplishment.

As you might know my dog, Sheba has been experiencing periods of anxiety.  I have not been resting well at night with her restlessness.  I am tired and cranky even in the morning with no energy for useful purposes.  My yoga and meditation routines relaxed and mellowed me so I could take her out for her walk.  Yes, there’s no rest for us mothers, even if our baby is a furry one.

The good thing about these kind of days is that the day seem to stretch forever.  I have time on my hands to do whatever.  Perhaps it is not the best time to cut my hair but I took a chance.  Hair grows.  I hate going to the hairdresser.  I am happy with the result.  It doesn’t look like a hatchet job, does it?  I guess I could have smiled but smiling takes energy.

I am happy with how I’ve dealt with my day.  I’m down to my final challenge – writing my post for the Ultimate Blog Challenge.  It is hard but first one word, then another.  Then it’s one sentence followed by another.  That is how life is, etc. etc.

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