January 18. The Ultimate Blog Challenge.

Another day enclosed in the grey. I tried dipping my toes into my fun list this afternoon. I didn’t have any nail polish on hand. Otherwise, I might have had some fun. I used to have a couple of bottles laying around forever and a day. I could have used them today. So I had throwaway regrets. Next, I tried origami. I have a kit I bought when I was in Japan a million years ago. The instructions were diagrams without words. It was a bit complicated. Maybe I should have started on page 4 instead of 22. As a result, my tulip is a little too top heavy.

Next, I played a little piano. I was not engaging so I gave up after 20 minutes. It’s really no fun when I’m feeling so blasè. I had been reading Babel and it was interesting but in my mood, a dark fantasy about colonalism would make my mood darker. I thought about resorting to John Grisham’s The Client, but I got onto YouTube and found this. I was engaged, caught up in the music and movement of this couple ice skating.

It wasn’t really what you would call fun but I was at least distracted from my grey feelings for a few minutes. Perhaps I should not try so hard running away from these feelings/days. Just accept and ride/ease them through without a fight/struggle. Perhaps there’s a purpose for them.

7 thoughts on “AM I HAVING FUN YET

  1. Hi Lily, I loved the YouTube video you included. It was so engaging on so many levels. Did you listen to the piano part of the music? Would you consider trying to play that tune?

    1. Thanks for paying attention, Doug. No I didn’t hear the piano. In the beginning I didn’t even like this version of the Sound of Silence but I got to love it. I have to give it another listen. I’ve found and printed the sheet music to it. I have to work at it. Even if I can just play the melody, it would be rewarding. Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. Love you being so authentic about your day! I can relate to grey skies. I live in Michigan and it’s winter. A few days ago the weather person reported we had been through (I forgot the number) days and had only been able to see the sun for five minutes. Good for you for having a fun list. As for the video, I have seen this previously. Amazing! I always marvel at the the art and skill of figure skating.

    1. So far, all of January have been foggy, including today. But at least it hasn’t been cold. I’m lucky I have a sunroom. It lets in lots of light even on cloudy days.

  3. First, I loved the video,, thank you so much for sharing. As for those grey days, they come with the winter and I find it best to try to find something to keep my mind busy such as painting an abstract painting of the mood and enjoying some green tea. I am sure you will find something to do, you are an artist after all.

    1. Thanks William. So it is another totally grey today. I’m getting my drawing materials ready for tomorrow. My in person drawing class starts tomorrow afternoon. It’s in an arts store so whatever I don’t have, I will get tomorrow.

  4. Reading your posts, whether it be about your gray days or those filled with happiness ones, always soothes me – something in the way you string your words together..
    Here is hoping the art class tomorrow beats those grays away…

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