Day’s end. I am again struggling to write today’s post for the Ultimate Blog Challenge. Funny how some days the words just flow. Then I have these days. I am stuck at START with no forward movement. I guess I will have to work for each word and sentence until I have a paragraph, then another and another. So rather than being stuck, bored and restless I scroll through social media. I have just scrolled through Esme Weijun Wang’s Intagram. I’ve been following her for a few years. I find Esme very interesting and inspiring as she is Asian, a writer, has a schizoaffective disorder and suffers from chronic lyme disease. She has so many physical and mental challenges and yet she is very successful. It makes me try a little harder to push through my own little trials.

I have recently said that it’s not good for me to look at the big picture when I’m tackling a big job. It overwhelms me before I can get started. There are always exceptions to the rule. If I want to have a successful day/life, I have to look at the whole picture. What is it that I want for the day/life? After I have identified my goal, I then break down the steps to get there. I guess it’s called planning. It’s something I haven’t consciously done or thought to do – until now. So what was my whole picture for the day?

  • Writing this post.
  • Juicing one ice cream pail of grapes.
  • Finish reading Explain Pain.

How did I do? I’ve juiced two ice cream pails of grapes for 3 bottles of juice. I’ve cleaned up after myself, too. I have 20 pages in Explain Pain to read. I still have time tonight. I want to return it to our exercise guru at our gym tomorrow. And my post is finished. How about that, eh?

10 thoughts on “MY WHOLE PICTURE

  1. I like your thinking on planning. Yes I like to plan my day but then I too break it down in sections. I find I get more done quicker! I can taste your grape juice! Martha

  2. Congratulations, Lily, on completing your tasks for today. Sending extra motivation on your planning, that’s my weak area, too. I’m going to check out Esme, I appreciate the recommendation. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Sending lots of love. Jaime

  3. Hi Lily. It sounds like you already have developed the successful habit of “chunking down” big projects. I have been told that one should have only three top priority topics to cover in a day. Well done and continue to Blog on!

  4. You always inspire me Lily, and your words when they make it out here on your blog, are simply beautiful – from that word to the paragraph to the post! And that grape juice looks perfect

  5. I think we all have the challenge of what to write about on our blogs now and then. For me it is about longevity, food and recipes and the Mind diet. What do I have to share (Lots and Lots) what will the readers be interested in reading about, and at that point I sometimes hit a blank wall. You did a great job in this Article. Making Grape juice could be an article in it’s self but I still enjoyed seeing part of your day unfold.

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