October can be such a beautiful month. I remember we had some fine sunny warm days into Halloween. Today it is such. It is sunny at 11℃ with a promise of going up to 16℃. Sun and warmth is the forecast for the next 2-3 days. Hellelujah! It warms the cockles of my heart.

The day has sped away on me. That was this morning after coming home from my exercise class. I love that time of day when I can savour a cuppa tea and some reflections before making lunch. I harvested small lettuce from the raised bed toward our salads. This summer hasn’t been too good for lettuce. It was good in spring but they got old quickly in the summer heat. Then the birds devoured the new plantings. I can’t complain though. We had enough other greens to make up for the lettuce.

The greenhouse is still thriving in this October weather. I harvested some Swiss Chard, green peppers and a cucumber to add to the salad. My bitter melons are going crazy producing lots of little baby melons. I pollinated them all with my little brush. It’s as if they could sense their end is near and they’re producing like mad. They did that last fall, too. I wonder if they will have enough time to grow big enough to eat. It’s interesting watching how things are growing. They’re teaching/showing me their life/time line.

It’s almost 6 pm again. I’m falling short on my do-list. I will not be able to do any grape juicing today. However, I did raked up some leaves in the front yard. It wasn’t on my list but I saw the need. I put in 20 minutes of practice on the piano this morning. I started piano lessons at a very adult age and had abandoned them almost 20 years ago after 4 years. Now I want to pick it up again. I have all those music books and I can take my time. If I had kept it up all those years, I might be a fair musician by now. I still have time. It’s never too late to make my own music.

8 thoughts on “MAKING MY OWN MUSIC

  1. What a beautiful day it is today! I love October weather, especially when we have sunny warm days like this. It did turn to rain later in the evening, however. Growing up, I had to practice my trumpet 30 minutes every day before my father got home from work – that was the first question he would ask me – “Did you practice today?”

  2. Hi Lily, I hope you are playing the piano for your own enjoyment. If your plan was to be a great pianist, you would not have had time to do anything else like enjoy your garden or your painting, or blogging. 😉

  3. I love reading your blogs Lily! They sorta have the same feel as my blogs. Your blogs are always exciting about your daily life and fun to read. Keep busy on your piano!

  4. Simply because I don’t want to repeat myself by saying your writing is beautiful and inspires me, I want to add that you should someday post an audio (or video) of the music you make too

    1. You are so kind and generous. I have thought of recording myself to see if my counting is correct. I love music but am not made of musician stuff. Being able to read and play music is good enough.

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